Wolfman Extended cut £2.70 with voucher 'PX8P' at Debenhams delivered.

Wolfman Extended cut £2.70 with voucher 'PX8P' at Debenhams delivered.

Found 30th Dec 2010
Wolfman Dvd £2.25 with code, came across this as a result of the Terminator Salvation post by isamaramendonca so thanks.

Cheap even if it is a one watch wonder!


I struggled to watch this film once!

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oh dear!

A cheap price but what a terrible movie - doesnt even come under 'so bad its good!'. Watch Anthony Hopkins accent change 3 times during 1 scene!!!!! Gory special effects are quite fun though...

But to be fair you wont find cheaper :-)

Weird. It's £3 on the Debenhams site, but £7.99 on the Debenhams Entertainment site.

Your price is wrong though, by the way. The PX8P code is a 10% code. So this will actually be £2.70.

Like others have said, great price and deserves heat, but it's a terrible movie. I watched the theatrical cut and the thought of watching an extended version just brings to mind medieval torture devices X)

Still, a lot of the film features Emily Blunt

It's a decent film if you strip away high expectations. It's slow but just relax and enjoy it.

That's how I approached it when I saw it. I saw it by default because what I actually went to see was sold out (can't remember what that was), so I just went in thinking "OK, entertain me for 90 minutes, that's all I ask", and it did.
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