Womens Weights Set - £1 *Instore* @ Asda

Womens Weights Set - £1 *Instore* @ Asda

Found 19th Feb 2011
hi, just been to asda wigan and got a set of womens weights for £1.00 , they are on a stand and there are 6 weights in it, 1.5kg , 1kg and 0.5 kgs, not the heavyest but you cant turn them down for £1.00.
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Bit sexist that..............................reported to the elf n saftey division of weightwatchers.
These would go great for my missus' kitchen scales :-/
Tried to buy some from my local store .....Couldn't manage to lift them off the shelf! and if they are faulty how will I take them back?
If they want weight, won't a bar of chocolate do?
Bargain! I hope they have them at my Asda
The Therapist

If they want weight, won't a bar of chocolate do?

Only if it's that mega bar Cadburys do from time to time!
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Were there any more?
pointless weights, would do nothing
Yes they would they would stop you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger
i guarantee you using these for months or even a year would have no effect.
u would need at least 2.5kg per arm to tone anything.

its liek these 2.5kg kettle bells there pointless
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