Wonderfalls - The Complete Series Region 1 DVD - Around £13 delivered!
Wonderfalls - The Complete Series Region 1 DVD - Around £13 delivered!

Wonderfalls - The Complete Series Region 1 DVD - Around £13 delivered!

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Wonderfalls is probably the most hilarious show you've never seen. An hour-long "dramedy" about a young woman who hears the voices of inanimate objects--which instruct her to help out total strangers--the show aired on Fox in early 2004 to critical acclaim and dismal ratings. After airing four times in terrible time slots, the show was quickly canceled, but not before a hue and cry from a small but fervently devoted cadre of fans went up, begging for all 13 episodes to be released on DVD. Thus, the highest-profile DVD release of a canceled show was born, and the nine unaired episodes of Wonderfalls are finally seeing the light of day.

You may be wondering: is it worth it to check out a show that was axed so quickly? The answer is an unqualified yes, as Wonderfalls is quirky without being precious, sardonic without being bitter, and smart without being a show-off about it. Jaye (Caroline Dhavernas) is a graduate of Brown University who's opted not to put her education to work, and instead lives in a trailer and works at a tourist shop in Niagara Falls, to the consternation of her affluent, successful family. All seems to be going well for this self-proclaimed slacker, until one day a small toy lion speaks to her in enigmatic epigrams, commanding her to help people. Loath to deal in any compassionate way with the rest of humanity, Jaye warily obeys, if only to make the voices stop. Soon, though, she finds herself to be an unwilling humanitarian and accidental hero when more inanimate objects start talking to her, and more people turn out to need her help.

The premise may sound a bit too off-the-beaten-path, but Wonderfalls' meddling with the ethereal was grounded in a keen awareness of post-college life and the travails befalling young twentysomethings who had no idea where their life was going. And instead of being sanctimonious or inspiring, the show was instead a complex mix of the heartfelt and the angsty, and Dhavernas was one of the most cynically hopeful heroines to grace the small screen. The rest of the cast was also topnotch, including Kate Finneran as Jaye's high-strung sister, Diana Scarwid as her caustic mother, and Tyron Leitso as bartender Eric, whose tentative romance with Jaye was both affecting and hilarious. Think of Wonderfalls as less of a failure and more of a rare opportunity to see some of the most creative television in recent memory. --Mark Englehart

Product Description
"From the producer of Angel and Firefly comes Wonderfalls with 9 never aired episodes. Although a recent graduate of Brown University, Jaye Tyler decides to ignore her degree, live in a trailer and work at a tourist gift shop in Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls-much to the despair of her well-to-do family. But Jayes aimless life takes a startling turn after a lion figurine begins talking to her. Her family calls it an "episode," but Jaye knows better.

Fearing for her sanity, Jaye nevertheless starts doing exactly what an increasing number of inanimate objects tell her to do and is amazed when her outrageous actions begin changing peoples lives in unexpected ways. "


Voted HOT as it's a real gem of a series and would make a fantastic stocking filler (particularly for older-teen girls). Great price!

It sounds quite good, i've never heard of it til now. Anyone want to buy it for my birthday?

Yes, great series - by the guy who is now making 'Pushing Daisies' - one of the successful new shows of this year in the US (it will probably come to UK TV soon)...
Also look out for 'Freaks and Geeks' - another excellent old TV show nobody has heard of.

Original Poster

Glad you guys found the post useful. Funnily enough, I was expecting this to be the least popular of the 3 deals I posted today (along with Veronica Mars series 1 & 2, and Brothers & Sisters.) It's turned out the most popular so far, with little interest in Brother & Sisters, which I thought would be really popular!

Great show, so it obviously ended up getting cut as seems to happen all too often!

And yes Pushing Daisies is worth watching as well, I believe ITV have bought the rights to it

Original Poster

Yep, can't wait for that to be shown over here.


Its not £13 if it from a U.S amazon, u will have to pay postage and … Its not £13 if it from a U.S amazon, u will have to pay postage and custom fees on it.

The price includes postage given current exchange rates and the total cost is below the customs threshold.

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if customs realise that the goods have been purchased via the Internet, … if customs realise that the goods have been purchased via the Internet, this limit does not apply and you are charged based upon the full value of the goods. It happened before. Its a hit or miss thing.

Where on Earth are you getting this from? The import limit is £18, and as far as I'm aware this includes purchases via the internet. If not, then I guess I've just been very, very lucky given that I've ordered a lot of stuff via the internet from the US and have never been charged customs for anything under the import limit.

yup anastasia he's talking rubbish, there's no extra law regarding interent orders. If it's under £18 you are safe, even over £18 doesnt necessarily mean you get stung (russian roulette).

Excellent series, shame it didn't last longer, but it's still well worth the price!

Veronica Mars deal is the best out of the amazon sale (it's an amazing show and for the first 2 season, which is some of the best tv ever made, it's shocking it's not been more popular).

Voted hot.


Sorry , its just Vat will might have to pay on top only.

You won't pay anything, VAT is only added if the goods value £18 or over, in this case, they dont.
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