Wonka Millionaires Shortbread - pack of 8 x 36g bars - INSTORE for £1  Poundland

Wonka Millionaires Shortbread - pack of 8 x 36g bars - INSTORE for £1 Poundland

LocalFound 15th May 2014
just picked up a pack of these in Finchley.

expiry date July 2014.

seems decent value for £1 given that the bars that have been on offer for the same price are only 100gr.

If you are health conscious please do not purchase on my recommendation as apparently they are not good for you :


listed as a local deal until someone finds them elsewhere
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OMG, going tomorrow!
Get them 10p per bar in asda clear out
Those articles saying they are unhealthy are ridiculous. I don't understand why this brand is being attacked in particular - they have the same calorie content as many other chocolate bars on the market. 555 per 100 grams is not high at all, I have seen a lot higher in mainstream chocolate. The article is suggesting that the huge bar is a single serving even though almost every chocolate company makes 100g or more chocolate blocks.
Chocolate in "makes you fat if you trough loads of it" shocker.
Had the "chocolate nice cream" ones in Blackwood store if anyone is interested
Great deal and as for the calories. An adult man can have 2500 a day, a woman 2100. Plenty scope to have one of these if you're good the rest of the day.
Articles like that really annoy me. It's irresponsible for manufacturers to make such unhealthy products? Nobody is forcing it down your throat. One bar every now and then just like most unhealthy foods is not going to make you obese. If people can't make these decisions themselves then it's their own fault. Reminds me of people suing fast food chains for "making" them fat.
these are lovely ,shame no poundland here
This and the "nice cream" one are the only two bars of chocolate I've ever closed up and put back in the cupboard. Horrible.
tried these, very meh, I can understand why nowhere can sell them
These are on sale in asda for 50p

These are on sale in asda for 50p

probably best not to post that as a deal then
My 4 kids hate them..
Messed Up my diet on these yesterday lol
Found 8 x nice cream bars in PoundLand Belfast (Ann Street) this morning
Still have these and the nice cream ones in the Ayr store.
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