Wooden Pencil 3 Tier Shelving / Pencil Coat Stand £3.99 @ B&M

Wooden Pencil 3 Tier Shelving / Pencil Coat Stand £3.99 @ B&M

Posted 14th Dec 2015
Labels instore and online shows £4.99 but currently B&M gives you 20% of discount for all furnitures so that's why this goes down to £3.99 per each.

Was £9.99
Then £6.99 dropped to £4.99
Now £3.99 (with 20% furniture discount)

Coat Stand
Was £6.99
Then £4.99
Now £3.99 (with 20% furniture discount)

B&M Hamilton/Blantyre

Pencil 3 Tier Shelving / Coat Stand

Solid wood legs / construction

Ideal for children's playroom.

Easy to assemble no fixings required.

Shelving Dimensions: W34 x D30 x H46cm (Approx.)

Stand Coat:
Includes 12 coats hooks.
In a pencil shape with red, blue, yellow and green colours.
Dimensions: W38 x D38 x H122cm (Approx.)

Link to coat stand
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these look good, just wish they were adult sized
nice one gonna go to Wigan see if any in stock, defo want the coat peg for kids bedroom
Is 20% off Instore??

Is 20% off Instore??

Yes to all of the furniture purchased instore they are giving now 20% off. Signs are all over B&M, please check your because I think it should be a national.
Edited by: "furion1985" 14th Dec 2015
Got coordinating chest for £13.49. Wanted the 3 tire shelving but they were out of stock.
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