Wooden Waffle Iron Set £3.34 @ Amazon on orders over £10

Wooden Waffle Iron Set £3.34 @ Amazon on orders over £10

Found 11th Dec 2014
Better be QUICK , only 6 left!

It says these were £24.99 but at just £3.34 I could not resist grabbing on for my Grandchildrens wooden kitchen play collection! :-)

There are one or two other cheap wooden toys on Amazon , will provide links to in first post x

''wooden waffle iron set
plush waffles
naturally coloured
splinter free wood''


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I got this cute wooden digger for £2.62 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…7D4

( only 13 left! )

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These wooden train letters are about £1 each so a short name would cost around £4 with the train attachment ; amazon.co.uk/Leg…IJM

These are cute too ; amazon.co.uk/WOO…MI6
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digger has gone

Good price but it was never £24.99!


Good price but it was never £24.99!


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So I could have got it for £3.10!!! oO LOL

TRUE BUT THERE ARE OTHER SELLERS CURRENTLY selling it for over the £25 mark!!

Sorry for caps lock , can't be arsked to edit! x

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£15.98 now , will expire

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Digger is £13.50 now! .... Worth a little hunt on Amazon sometimes seeing as these toys plummeted in price for a while but tend to go unnoticed otherwise unless someone is bored and has a GOOD look through ( and shares it! lol )
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