Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky 700ml Tesco (instore) £14.90, normally about £25+

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky 700ml Tesco (instore) £14.90, normally about £25+

LocalFound 16th Nov 2012
As per title. Found this in Coulby Newham. May be store specific as other deals posted today.
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confirmed at tesco south bank, they also had black grouse for the same price
Coulby had an empty space where they were flogging 1 litre of the 50% Blue Smirnoff for £14 as well. All wiped out so just missed out on that one.
Was the Black Grouse a litre? Tesco have the 700ml on offer for £16 anyway is why i ask. Asda £15.
no it was 70cl, i dnt drink it so wasnt sure how much of a good deal it was, but the woodford reserve is one of the best whiskey deals ive ever laid my eyes on, just poured myself one, it is really good, id say nicer than the single barrel jd which was on offer at £28 last week, hot!
still 24 quid at Wilmslow and no stock in Macclesfield my favourite drink hit deal for those that can get it
Excellent price. Still £21 in Watford today.
got 3 bottles of it!
same price in west durrington. i bought one and gutted that i also bought for 21 just three days ago.

also had some 50 quid malts down to 25 but only one or two of each.
Not that price in the leicester hamilton store
Woodford is a very nice bourbon, unfortunately they don't sell it in my local Tesco. Excellent price if you can find any. Hot.
Must be very store specific as it is only reduced to £21 in Tesco in Kirkcaldy ( still a decent price though). It must be discontinued stock in OP's store so will only be reduced in stores where it has not been selling.
Available for £14.90 Norwich Tesco
phenomenal price on this to be fair, not the best bourbon in the world, but certainly a top buy at that price
Confirmed purchase at tesco leicester. Surprised it is still on this price. Astonishing really.
£31.50 at my local Tescos (Pinner) but even £21 is good so will have to make the trip to Watford!
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