Woodford reserve double Oaked whisky £34.99 Amazon

Woodford reserve double Oaked whisky £34.99 Amazon

Found 3rd Dec 2016Made hot 3rd Dec 2016
Excellent bourbon selling for £50 in Waitrose. Lowest I have seen so far.


nice drink


Think it is actually Whiskey. Even Amazon canny get it right. Lazy feckers.

Yeh technically bourbon isn't it? The normal stuff is nice, have a bottle here, need the price point a bit less before I try this one

Cheers OP. Cancelled Jim beam double oak order as already have a bottle and got this. Woodford reserve is one of my favourite so hope this is even nicer.

no joke mix with coke comments I hope

Why would you mix this with coke?

It's obviously far better with Irn Blu.

I agree coke shouldn't be mixed with this. Pepsi Max mixes much better with the artificial sweeteners

Now even cheaper at £33.24. Not in stock but taking orders for shipment later.
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