Woodland Wick Candles £3.99 in B&M Darlington

Woodland Wick Candles £3.99 in B&M Darlington

Found 5th May
Just picked up 2 medium sized woodland wick candles for £3.99 and an extra large one for £9.99. Spotted in Darlington B&M unsure if it's this store only or nationwide.


Think it's nationwide I got 2 melon layered candles at weekend. They are shown on their website

Ohhh, got a bit giddy for a moment, thought it was woodwick candles, almost called my daughter to get there first thing in the morning to get some.

How do they burn? Woodwick are fab burners....none of the wac is wasted..are these like that?

Also in Reading

These burn really poorly. It pays to purchase the proper WoodWick Candles as they pool brilliantly, have a fab throw and last for ages!
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