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Posted 16 November 2022

Woodwick Large Hourglass Linen Scented Candle £18.66 @ Amazon

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So I was introduced to these by someone who said they're great for when you're sitting around talking but don't want music. Because the wick is made of wood it burns a little like a wood fire does with a bit of noise and little more inconsistency than a regular wick. Amazon are price matching Boots and Boots seem like the cheapest place to buy these at the moment doing 3 for 2 on a few of them and £18.66 on some others.

They're about 10 centimetres wide and about 18 centimetres tall. They apparently burn for 130 hours. If comparing these to Yankee jar candles the Woodwick range is the more expensive version and this would be the large Yankee jar.
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    But the big question is... "Do they make all your ceilings black with smoke" like all candles :/
    Depends how close you're holding it to the ceiling. If you're not a psychopath, and have it placed normally, then no. I've not experienced that.
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    Ordered thanks
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    That's expensive for just one hour of candlelight ! 😁
    This particular hourglass actually contains enough wax to measure the passage of time for 130 hours. It is still pricey for a candle of that burn time but I'm not aware of another brand with wicks that burn like these.
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    showing my age but i bought a smelly candle the other day ....said to my daughter that i've just realised that it cost was the nearly the same as my first weeks wages !