Woodworm Base Tech Base Layers - BOGOF Offer £19.99 @ Sports HQ

Woodworm Base Tech Base Layers - BOGOF Offer £19.99 @ Sports HQ

Found 6th Jan 2010
These are great for the school games lessons and adult sports alike during this cold winter weather!

Woodworm Base Tech Base Layers

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (1black, 1white)

Top level performance gear, incredible introductory offer!
When engaged in activity often effective blood flow to the bodies extremities is reduced, the Woodworm Base Tech promotes circulation to these areas to keep them warm. When worn underneath a sports uniform or shirt, the baselayer provides an additional barrier to the cold. The compression like support offered by the base layer applies a focus to muscle during exercise, enhancing performance both in training and competition as well as reducing fatigue and recovery time.

Designed to enhance the bodies circulation and increase body oxygenation
High elastic content material ensures an exact fit which works to reduce lactic acid build-up generated during exercise.
The material boasts a moisture wicking management system in which the bodies moisture is drawn away from the skin to keep you dry.
Outstanding design with an emphasis placed on the contours of the body ensuring a comfortable non restricting garment with no seam friction.
Full length arms and body, mock-turtle neckline.
Treated with an antibacterial treatment, the material actively discourages the growth of the bacteria which causes odour.
**Please note that these compression tops are sized to be skin tight, if this would not be comfortable for you, please select a size larger than you would normally choose.
* Free delivery on orders over £50! *
Plenty of other clothing and sports equipment offers available at thesportshq.com!


Worth it when training in this weather!

deffo worth it when training in the cold, handy for work also (i work outdoors much of the time)

over £50 is free del, just ordered 3 sets cos i'll definitely get use out of them,

just hope they are a good fit

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Not bad for my first posting
My kids have them and wear them for PE lessons and when playing out in the snow!:thumbsup:
'does what it says on the tin!' :-D

£4.99 minimum delivery charge is a bit steep!!! Another good deal spoiled by delivery charges

hmmm. piglet1962 - be honest - are you affiliated with Sports PLC or Sports HQ in any way?

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No, but I have used them a lot in the past for their cricket equipment and cricket clothing. They have a lot of golf gear as well but thats for when i get a bit older!

need a couple more cheers

Looking to order some for my sons. How do these compare with Nike and Canterbury?

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Quality is very good, they have been washed a few times now and look as new. At this price, you can't beat them. Nike and Canterbury are quality as well but they are a bit pricey!

So you put your normal stuff on top? I never got the point of this, are there not good enough on their on?

Hot by the way


So you put your normal stuff on top? I never got the point of this, are … So you put your normal stuff on top? I never got the point of this, are there not good enough on their on?Hot by the way

Yep, base layers go under your clothing. In colder climates its all about the layers, so you start with something like this and then would have a couple more layers usually finished with a light water/windproof jacket.

These are good for sports because they help to keep the heat in your muscles and also provide some support at the same time.

The quality isn't great btw, when compared to other baselayers. The material seems a bit more cheaper, would recommend McDavid baselayer instead.

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McDavid baselayers are around £19.99 each, this offer is £19.99 for TWO Woodworm baselayers!

The quality is comparable to McDavid and these Woodworm baselayers have been washed regularly for the last three months and look as good as the day they were first bought.
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