Woody Allen Collection: Vol.4 (5 DVD's) £9.99 @ Play + 4% Quidco + Free delivery + 5% UCAS possibly

Woody Allen Collection: Vol.4 (5 DVD's) £9.99 @ Play + 4% Quidco + Free delivery + 5% UCAS possibly

Found 10th Feb 2009
Woody Allen is like marmite, so its a good price if you like his films, i know its 2p cheaper at Amazon but without Quidco, if you dont like him please dont vote, cheers

The final installment in the celebration of one of the world's most revered director's, volume 4 of The Woody Allen Collection.

Crimes & Misdemeanors (1990): Cliff Stern (Woody Allen) is an idealistic filmmaker - until he's offered a lucrative job shooting a flattering profile of a pompous TV producer (Alan Alda). Judah Rosenthal (Martin Landau) is the pillar of his community... until he learns that his ex-mistress (Anjelica Huston) plans to expose his financial and extramarital misdeeds. As Cliff chooses between integrity and selling out, and Judah decides between the counsel of his rabbi (Sam Waterson) and the murderous advice of his mobster brother (Jerry Orbach), each man must examine his own morality, and make an irrevocable decision - that will change everyone's lives forever.

Alice (1990): For 16 years, Alice Tate (Farrow) has been ignored by her husband (Hurt), spoiled by wealth and tranquilzed by boredom. But when she unexpectedly falls for sexy musician (Mantegna) and impulsively consults a mysterious Chinese herbalist for advice, Alice begins a madcap journey into a strange new world of possibilities. But as she begins to realize who she is and what she values, Alice must also confront her deepest fears and decide how far she'll go for love and what she'll risk to change her destiny.

Shadow & Fog (1992): Recruited by an inept mob of vigilantes, Kleinman (Allen), a cowardly clerk, is forced to search for a notorious murderer - only to stumble upon a feisty sword-sallower, Irmy (Farrow), running away from the circus, and her 'clownish' boyfriend (Malkovich). Determined to help Irmy, and eager to escape the vigilantes, Kleinman abandons his search for the killer - or so he thinks. Rushing headlong into the odious night, Kleinman and Irmy are launching into a mysterious world of shadows and fog from which they may never emerge.

Anything Else (2003): Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci star as a mismatched couple in Woody Allen's romantic comedy Anythign Else. Biggs plays Jerry Falk, a young comedy writer looking to make it big, while Ricci is Amanda, a self-absorbed free spirit whom men go wild for. They fall for each other instantly near the beginning of the film, then spend the rest of the movie trying to work out their very complex and complicated relationship, especially after her mother (Stockard Channing) moves in to their small apartment to live with them.

Melinda & Melinda (2004): Melinda and Melinda combines romantic comedy and drama in a way that Woody Allen, unique among filmmakers, likes to contrast. It takes place in Manhattan and chronicles a pair of crises that give great rein to the funny and serious talents of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Will Ferrell, Jonny Lee Miller, Radha Mitchell, Amanda Peet, Chlo?evigny and Wallace Shawn. All the usual Allen areas are explained-the fragility of love, marital infidelity, sophisticated romance, the inability to communicate. As a character in the movie puts it, "He's despondent, he's desperate, he's suicidal. All the comic elements are in place".

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