Woody's Mexican Lime/Pink Grapefruit, 4 for £2.26 @ Asda, instore

Woody's Mexican Lime/Pink Grapefruit, 4 for £2.26 @ Asda, instore

Found 11th Oct 2009
My local Asda (St Leonards, Dunfermline) are doing both flavours of Woody's at £2.26 for 4 bottles (275ml). These were about £4.41 and were normally included in the 3 for £10 promo that Asda seem to do most of the time.

There were no reduced/rollback/multibuy stickers so perhaps this is going to be a national deal? Couldn't find this online so may be instore only?

Ended up buying 8 packs, lol
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There's now only 6 packs left in my fridge!!!!
Arrrh, brings back memories of my under age drinking....:p
I thought they'd stopped making it (PInk Grapefruit one) it has been so long since I have seen it!

My local Makro was the last place I could find it at but that was a good while before it closed this year.
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It's been available for a while but it does say on the packaging that "it's back".

I used to love the stuff when I was in my early 20's.
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