Wookey Hole cave aged farmhouse cheddar 200g for £1 in iceland

Wookey Hole cave aged farmhouse cheddar 200g for £1 in iceland

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Always like trying new mature cheddars and at £1 for 200g definitely worth a shot says on it best before 12/02/17

I know wookey cheese deal been submitted, but that's a sainsburys brand for 50p more



If anyone hasnt been to Wookey Hole

Its a must if you havent been to the South West.


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good to know, I like trying new cheese of fresh bread without all the trimmings at first

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by the way the cheese is like a sliced wedge wrapped in brown greaseproof paper,
not in wax like hukd just showed

I wonder if 'cave aged' will make it taste any less rank??

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as long as don't taste stoney I be ok

Heat. Good price as £9.60 a kilo in Tesco. Lovely cheese.

Had some over Christmas (bought from Costco but same as picture). V Nice Cheddar, had lots of compliments

Cewbacca loves this

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yea japes its got right picture now unlike one showing earlier

Costco sell this, and it's a very nice cheddar.

Wookey Hole is hardly the South West! It's nearer to Nottingham than where I live in Cornwall!

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guess it all depends where you standing when you look southwest

Does this come with matted fur and dangle berries? I really don't fancy wookey hole cheese if that's the case.

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hey Oneday77, should i ask!! lol

Thanks OP Will see if I can get some tomorrow, I like a cheese that bites back lol

Love Wookey Hole, this Cheese is absolutely rank - I tasted it in the shop on-site. Nasty!

isnt Chewbacca a wookey??

isnt Chewbacca a wookey??

Wookey hole cheddar is delicious, I usually buy from Waitrose when on offer, will seek this out and see if it tastes as nice assume it must. I've visited wookey hole too, worth it if you're in the area
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i been to the wooky, got me a souvenir from a local shop called the rock people. Its a big pebble with loads of little pebbles on top of it. Tat like but i was about 10 at the time. Had mu first taste of cider too.
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