Woolite Dark

Woolite Dark

Found 28th Jun 2008
In my local Tesco store thaey have on offer the 1Ltr Woolite for £1.99 reduced from £2.99. But i have never seen the Dark for sale before ever, which was also available for £1.99 For 1Ltr. I have read several threads who claim it was only available in the USA?


I had no idea what this was so used google and wilkinsons plus sell the woolite dark.

I took my mum shopping yesterday to Llandudno. We stopped off in Tesco's Llandudno Junction store and I noticed this product too, however my mum said it's on permanent £1.49 at Wilkinson's in Rhyl.

I've had this from tesco several times before when it's been on offer and nothing else has. They've sold it in the copdock tecso ipswich for ages.
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