Woolwich 2 year fixed rate mortgage (Springboard Fixed til 31-03-18)

Woolwich 2 year fixed rate mortgage (Springboard Fixed til 31-03-18)

Found 8th Jan 2015
Hi all, me and my partner have been looking for a mortgage for First time Buyers and came across this. Seems like a good deal, best I could find. I am by no means an expert so this communities feedback would be appreciated :-)

-This is based on a LTV of 95%
-Max loan £1,000,000 (ours is a little lower than that :-) )
-Overall cost for comparsion 3.8%APR
-No booking or arrangement fees
-£175 valuation fee
-Other fees £35

If you know of anything better for a 95% LTV for a mortgage around £95,000 please let me know! Thankyou :-)


this is not a deal.. mod please move to misc

Its a mortgage deal deal. Hot - better than nationwide. Liking the low fees.

Could u state the interest rate.. As its not mentioned in description

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Using mobile app at the moment so I can't edit the post. But it's 1.77% fixed rate for 2 years. Overall cost for comparison is 3.8% Apr as the after the fixes rate is over it goes up to 3.99%

the 1.77% deal is for 40% deposit as far as I can tell.
the best 2yr fix they offer for a 95% mortgage is over 5%.

use a couple of the mortgage comparison websites to get an idea of what is available.
good luck

I never looked Overall cost for comparsion as it is based on what the tracker rate at the moment which is very unlikely to be the same in two years. You always can change the bank if someone offers better rate in two years time.

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why has this expired? The deal is still on.

A fake 95% LTV... they require an additional 10%+ to be provided on loan from say a parent or relative.
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