Woolworths Instore - Selected V.Smile Games Reduced to £2.99 saving £14.00

Woolworths Instore - Selected V.Smile Games Reduced to £2.99 saving £14.00

Found 7th Nov 2007
Just been to woolies and found these V.smile games reduced to £2.99 from £16.99 a massive £14.00 saving

Alphabet Park Adventure 3-5 Yrs
Football Challenge 4-6 Yrs
Superman The Greatest Hero 6-9 Yrs
Whiz Kid Wheels 6-9 Yrs
Spiderman Doc Ocks Challenge 6-9 Yrs
Really hope this is done ok (first Deal Posted)

Sorry This is a instore deal!!
- nips34


Thanks very much - just bought this for DD's 4th birthday and she loves it - Dance mat is best bit though:oops:
I've had a quick look on the woolies website and there not on there so must be in store only. - will check later

Great deal but I can't seem to find them?

title needs instore adding to it

thanks nips34 - i managed to get all but the football challenge one, all stickered up at £2.99, a few more bargain xmas pressies sorted! :santa:

ARGH! I haven't been online for a few days, must... go... now!

What a bargain!

I can confirm these were £2.99 in the Rugby store.

Went to Beckton Big W last week and they didn't have any.

My mum went in on Thursday so I asked her to have another look and she picked up 'The Wiggles' for £2.99.

As Woolworths have got 25% off VTech at the moment it scanned at £2.24.

I am still considering taking it back though as the people just look too creepy :thinking:

Anyways, so it is worth to keep checking
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