Woolworths (Leeds, White Rose Centre) closing down sale
Woolworths (Leeds, White Rose Centre) closing down sale

Woolworths (Leeds, White Rose Centre) closing down sale

Noticed yesterday that Woolworths have a 50% off sale as their White Rose Centre store is closing this coming Saturday.

I didn't have time to go through everything, but I did notice a lot of gardening equipment, bulbs etc. at half price; also picnic sets and other seasonal items. There were some OK-ish deals in the electricals too, e.g. irons for a fiver.

Nothing too spectacular, but I imagine they will reduce prices more as the weekend approaches to try and clear the stock, so it may be worth keeping an eye on!


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Forgot to mention: they had a LOT of Star Wars telephones (Darth Vader or R2D2) for £10 each. I think I will post that in a separate thread, perhaps.

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i think so, yes. i imagine they will discount everything more as the week goes on, as there is a lot left.

Thank god that garish place closed... Shame a Marks & Spencers is opening instead, means more elderly people at the WR...

Went in today and saw a Gareth Gates sticker book for 50p... Bargain... Shame some little girl got there before me *rolls eyes*

Hi people. New to this so go gentle.

I also picked you some cracking bargains from woollies WR myself. Picked up a couple of the Star Wars phones for a tenner each but my bargain hunting didn't end there i also managed to bag the display model (Boxed) 37" techwood HD LCD tv for £250!!!!.:whistling:

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glad people bagged some good bargains.. the phone and TV sound like good deals!

yeah tv was especially a deal and a half. Been after one for a while now but never really been able to convince myself that i really needed to spend that sort of money but at £250 i couldn't really leave it sat on the shelf. lol.
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