Woolworths Xbox 360  (20gb), Halo 3 and Mass Effect for £199.99

Woolworths Xbox 360 (20gb), Halo 3 and Mass Effect for £199.99

Found 29th Aug 2008
Woolworths are clearing out the 20gb Xbox 360 with 2 free games in Halo 3 and Mass Effect for £199.99 which is the price for the console on it's own. The offer is instore only and is only for the 20gb Xbox 360. Good offer for anyone who have not got 360 yet and are looking for a good deal.



Not much of a good deal m8 as am sure you can get a 20GB 360 or eveb 60GB cheaper than £200 then if you really want Halo 3 and Mass Effect you can pick them up for around £10 each pre-owend.

Not only are they shifting the 20gb Xbox's they are shifting Mass effect too - it's 2.99 at Comet at the moment !


So this deal is not worth it IMO.

Agreed, it's not that great, you can still find older 360's with 20 Gb (not HDMI) with GOW of Forza 2 for £125.

360's are about to take another price drop with the new bigger HD's on the way.

Either pick up a cheap one from Tesco etc, or just wait a week or two for the newer/bigger hard drive and cheaper models.
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