World band Radio £7.48 down from £14.97 @ Tesco

World band Radio £7.48 down from £14.97 @ Tesco

Found 12th Oct 2009
This RAD-108 world band radio comes in grey complete with AM, FM, LW and SW bandwiths. It also features a built-in speaker with a headphone socket. This Tesco RAD-108 world band radio is powered by 2xAA batteries (not included) or an external DC 3V power supply (not included).
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Gets terrible reviews....
Just wondering - do we lose all these Uk wavebands when they go Digital radio quite soon?
I had something similar - not very good.

I heard that analogue will be around till about 2015(?) and that FM would be used for some know local stations, but all the main stations would switch to digital. Don't know about MW/LW/SW stations.
With internet radio around with the likes of Pure Evoke Flow and the logitech radio, I can not see the point of something like this unless you are way out in the wilds and need to keep up with the news.
Aldi do a good multi-band radio for £7.99. Must be coming up again soon. I think Lidl have just done them.
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