World Cup 2010 Official Shirt - £1 @ Lidl
World Cup 2010 Official Shirt - £1 @ Lidl

World Cup 2010 Official Shirt - £1 @ Lidl

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Yes I know it was a dissaster the old World Cup, but I brought one of these from JJB for £15 before the games started and they are an excellent quality shirt with a good quality vinyl

The Stourport branch had about 10 left after I brought a couple

Had around 3 white and 7 black left

Hopefully there are some near you as the manager said they should be nationwide dependant on how many where allocated per store


cant go wrong for a quid

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Better picture there

World cup T-shirts are ok.It is only the England ones you need to avoid.

Ideal painting\work shirt

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"ironing board cover £4.99" need one, are they any good?

cracking deal on the t shirt.

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The cover is a "Vileda express comfort plus" - Can't seem any info online, so not sure of quality, but have had Vileda products in the past and they are of good quality

Dont Diss the aster man. Its cool, one of those things. Hot deal (even hotter if you dont buy the ironing board cover and put the iron straight onto the floor when ironing this!)

You brought some? Where did you bring them to?

big b0y

Ideal painting\work shirt

Exactly why I will be clearing my local store of my size.

You paid £15 quid for that?

Had they got any Scottish World Cup T-Shirts?



Had they got any Scottish World Cup T-Shirts?.;)

If they have, I'll be buying the lot.
They'll be as rare as rocking horse sh1t, and worth a fortune


Had they got any Scottish World Cup T-Shirts?.;)

they were all sold out as we had to use them as floor cloths as we were peeing ourselves laughing


Had they got any Scottish World Cup T-Shirts?.;)

maybe rooney et al could buy some to replace the 3 lions on ur chest with 3 lambs on their chest - bunch of overpaid **** they all took u guys for a ride. Yet you are quite happy to pay to watch them week in week out while they earn 100k a week and dont try a leg for the fans. What happened to playing for the shirt.

thanks so much. great deal and heal added. bought some for my family.

are these store specific? (looking at the hand written pricings?)

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As I mentioned earlier, the manager presumed most stores would of been allocated an amount, but thats dependant on store size/turnover

None in my local
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