World gravy wresting championship Manchester £2.50/£1.50

World gravy wresting championship Manchester £2.50/£1.50

Found 26th Aug 2017
Forget TBE v Mc Gregor this is proper value entertainment for this bank holiday Monday.
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Meat you there!
I can see this deal going right to the top!
Meat you there!
Doesn't say anything about roasties, veg, stuffing, or yorkshire pudding....cold
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Isn't saying "Yorkshire pudding" in Lancashire a swear word?
Any spit roasting in the gravy.
Spectators will be flooging the dolphins in gravy...8)
Chav-tastic, but cool at the same time.
Good gravy, what a deal!
Aaaaaah Bisto 👌
Not in Manchester but.

The Rose ‘N’ Bowl
264 Newchurch Rd,
OL13 0UG
I need to wrest after too much gravy also. Sounds as if this is on just after lunch on Sunday!
Dip yer bread in lad....
I would get basted
Yeaaaah! Jelly wrestling for pudding.
I prefer dessert = jelly
will there be any toad in the hole?
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