World Map, Maxi Poster, (61x91.5cm) £1.75 at Amazon

World Map, Maxi Poster, (61x91.5cm) £1.75 at Amazon

Found 12th Jan 2011
World Map, Maxi Poster, (61x91.5cm) GN0214

£1.75 delivered

Looks great fro asomone learning about the world in school

* Full colour poster printed on high quality paper
* 100% fully licensed product
* Maxi poster sized at 61x91.5cm
* Despatched in cardboard mailing tube ensuring the product arrives in perfect condition
* Quality images for every living space!


Says £2.25 for shipping?

It certainly does.

Yup £2.25 shipping

Original Poster

was being sold by amazon - but now a marketplace seller with p&p - expired

damn what a short deal by amazon:(

They have world maps and uk maps big sized in The Works £2.99 I think I paid. Deffo still got them in as saw them again the other day but had already purchased before xmas.Not sure if it is national though, assume so as it was 2 different shops I saw it in.
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