World Map Poster 1.31mtr x 1.05mtr  INSTORE @ LIDL £1.99

World Map Poster 1.31mtr x 1.05mtr INSTORE @ LIDL £1.99

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World Map poster (political, with flags of the countries) , massive about A0 i think. 1.31metres by 1.05 metres. Been after one of these for ages for the kids but the ones that were a decent enough size were always a bit too expensive. For 2 quid, this is a bargain. They also had the same size maps of europe too. Looks like they'd just arrived as they were putting them out and no price was up yet. Even comes with pins to mount it.

This is my first listing, I hope it's in the right forum and i've included the pic properly. (by the way, the pic isn't EXACTLY the same but it is roughly so gives you a good idea.)


We got one of these for our sons room and its fantastic - huge, and comes with pins as well

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Good price. Paid £4 in The Works for one before Christmas for our son, and we thought that was a good price.

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i forgot about the pins too!

i'll add them to the description!

Bargain thanks!



Im confused :oops:



Im confused :oops:

Oooops wrong post


haha, i got one of these in Lidl today, couldn't pass it up. but I accidentally tipped it up the wrong way, and my pins fell out so be warned, the pack is only sealed at one end, lol.

The one of Europe is slightly smaller by the way, i seem to recall it was about 1m by 1m, roughly.


Oooops wrong post

wrong year too :oops:

This looks good! Could really do with it... recently I've been planning a trip around America on a roadmap of Wales.

Looks good. Thanks

Is this to see where the brands stocked in Lidl comes from?

these are really good
come out every year
I have last years model with the metal bars top and bottom

these ones - I have 7 of each. I got them for next to nothing in one of their clearance car park sales (well in a closed store).

They had boxes full and I could on fit 7 of each into the trolley along with the 2 filing cabinets and wireless keyboard/mouse and million other things for £20.

Anyway - good for the walls if you have the space and great for the wee ones to learn the world.


This looks good! Could really do with it... recently I've been planning a … This looks good! Could really do with it... recently I've been planning a trip around America on a roadmap of Wales.

Can I buy my booze where you're getting it? Looks like a real bargain going on your comments.


I agree entirely.

Wrong country too lol!!



Wrong country too lol!!

And the wrong shop

3.99 for broccoli..... COLD. :-D

Maps are good value though. Will pop in to pick up a few for the office on the way home.

Thanks! picked one up today

They're laminated and wipe clean aswell, Got one for me and my brother - I'm going to map out my gap year excursion on it.
It is huge however, larger than the size of 2 standard posters.

None left in crowthorne now, 4 Europe one's however

Hot deal, but I didn't manage to get one. Went into Basingstoke Lidl yesterday evening and there were no world maps left by then. They did have three Europe maps, but I expect they're also gone by now.

just bought one from lidl in rusholme manchester. tis huge! very happy with it thanks. absolute bargain for £2 and pins make it very easy to put up.

Slightly off topic but does anyone know where I can get cheap poster frames for both maps.
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