World of Nintendo Figures - £8 @ Toys R Us

World of Nintendo Figures - £8 @ Toys R Us

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Found 17th Oct 2014
I found this collection of "World of Nintendo" figures at Toys R Us' store (in Bayswater although I'm sure it's on others too) and they were around £8, which while it's pretty tempting because it looks high quality due to the Amiibos some people might prefer to wait for the Amiibos instead.

The collection consists of: Yoshi, Link, Mario, Donkey Kong and Bowser


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This is how Link looks from this collection:

has anyone else seen these in toys r us? tempted to check my local tomorrow.

These may not be exactly the same but pound world have what looks exactly the same

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Pound World has similar to these? Must check! oO

I believe the poundworld ones were cheap fakes from a few months back consisting of yoshi and peach and they were key rings but I could be wrong.

The ones are I saw were defo figures but I honestly just glanced at them so could be wrong

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So I checked two stores nearby and neither of them had any Mario figures. Bummer, I got a little bit excited for it. lol

Ill be in my local one tomorrow so if I see them ill take a pic so you can compare.
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