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Posted 1 December 2022

World of Tanks PC - Holiday Gift Pack DLC - PEGI 7 - FREE @ Steam

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This content requires the base game World of Tanks on Steam in order to play.

NOTE: This DLC can only be added to your Steam account for free until January 8, 2023, at 12:00 UTC.

DLC can be added to your World of Tanks account only once.
You will be able to use this DLC only if you play from the game

This bundle contains:

  • A special mission with the Tier VI Premium British Sherman VC Firefly medium tank as a reward
  • ×50 Rock Crystal
  • ×50 Pure Emerald
  • ×50 Warm Amber
  • ×50 Meteoric Iron

Special mission conditions:

  • Cause a total of 23,000 HP of damage over any number of battles

Special mission rewards:

  • Tier VI Premium British Sherman VC Firefly medium tank
  • 100% trained crew
  • Garage slot

Bundle description:

Winter fun is on in World of Tanks! Storm the battlefield in a sharpshooting British medium tank and grab some Holiday Ops resources to upgrade your Village with this exclusive, time-limited Holiday Gift Pack DLC! Add this bundle to your account for free, and you will receive a special mission that lets you park the Tier VI Premium British Sherman VC Firefly medium tank with a 100% trained crew in your Garage. Just make sure to complete the mission until January 21, 2023, at 09:00 UTC, and the Sherman VC Firefly is yours forever!

Apart from that, immediately after adding the DLC to your account, you will get a bunch of resources that you can use in the Holiday Ops 2023 event to improve Festive Atmosphere Levels and complete Guests’ Assignments.

About the Sherman VC Firefly

Even higher-tier vehicles should be aware of the Sherman VC Firefly’s gun—its penetration values are the highest among Tier VI medium tanks! Impressive 171 mm of penetration with regular rounds and a whopping 239 mm with APCR will let you pierce through enemy armor like butter with most of your shots, even including tanks one or two tiers up! And with good accuracy, a decent aiming time, and a great DPM of 2,000 HP/min, this beast poses a great threat for any vehicle that gets in its way.

Protection and Mobility:
The Sherman VC Firefly can’t boast good speed or impenetrable armor, so you should be very careful when considering your position on the battlefield. Always be aware of your surroundings, and make sure to escape a potentially dangerous situation in advance—with this vehicle’s engine, you don’t have the luxury of quick repositioning and fast maneuvers.

Support your allies on the battlefield by raining your piercing shots on your opponents, and don’t rush into heated close-range encounters. Enjoy your victories!

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    So sad they completely ruined the console version a year or so back. Id just won a big prize in a sweepstakes a month or so before it to that lve never used, beyond frustrating
    Why what have they done.?
    Not played it for a while but it was a good game.
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    Fyi For the british ajax tanks it requires huge external speakers and to play next to a busy road in order to simulate the excessive noise/vibrations....