world of tanks retail - play preorder -  £5.99 (£3 lower than rrp, £2 lower than amazon)

world of tanks retail - play preorder - £5.99 (£3 lower than rrp, £2 lower than amazon)

Found 27th Nov 2011
world of tanks !…n/1 - retail heads up…w/1 - review

award-winning free to play MMO ww2 tank arcade/simulator. before i lose you at f2p this game is a cut above the rest and money transactions either get you shortcuts or tanks that earn in-game currency faster but are outmatched by player-earnt vehicles of their level. check above link but very high-rated and addictive but a deep and skillful game, uses simulator-level mechanics and models but quite arcadey controls - easy to pick up and play but you will soon learn to aim for tank weakspots and almost certainly more then you ever thought you would about ww2 tanks.

play pre-order is £3 cheaper than rrp which itself contains in-game premium currency worth £8, a free tank (good money earner), free extra garage slot (you can keep multiple tanks and play those when waiting for others in battle to finish) and a week of premium account (extra exp/credits). also included is a new account boost with another 3 days premium and 1k gold - for new players these codes can be redeemed on the same account.

best part is if you don't want to bother with the retail the game is still free to download & play and no content (other than a few aforementioned so-so premium tanks) is locked out - you may start driving rustbuckets but you rarely feel game is being unfair. if in any doubt just download and play the thing at

hope you enjoy, probably the first f2p game i've played that real money is completely optional without you feeling left out and also makes you feel they deserve some payment for such an excellent game that is still in constant development.
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Thanks for posting, have added a pic
MMO about tanks?

+4 strength, +4 stamina leather seat belt.
I dabble with this, can be very good.
Tempted to buy for the slots....

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games great, since there is no respawns you can't go charging in and there is a lot of waiting but at the same time the action is tense and even if you get blown up you can always hop into another game in a different tank - 5 types of tank to play so you can change according to playstyle or mood (no healers or anything silly, this is closer to a serious sim that is just damn fun and easy to play)

the MMO might throw some but just think of tank driving from battlefield3 or similar games, just with a lot more thought put into it - the XP takes you through a tech tree to upgrade your current tank and eventually unlock the next tier up tank but other than a few gun choices (big and slow or fast and snipey for some) unlocked equipment is better yet won't magically make your tank play much different.

give it a go for free, but this retail pack is great value for existing players and gives new players a huge headstart.
Great. Downloaded and then get (not Archive 7z) error message. Yet another game which will not run on my 1 year old computer. PS3 put the disk in and it works why o why can it not be so easy with poxy computers.
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