World Of Warcraft 14 Day Trial £0.01 Instore!!
World Of Warcraft 14 Day Trial £0.01 Instore!!

World Of Warcraft 14 Day Trial £0.01 Instore!!

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Saw this today instore at GAME wolverhampton in the clearence section,

This is basically a freebie really bt a gd price if you want to test out the gamne before you subscribe

14 days for a penny, can't complain really


Blizzard already provide a free 10 day trial:


which you can download directly from their site.

Once you do partake of wow-crack you will find your habit costs you £9 per month.

It's the ol' sell the hardware cheap, but the consumables will cost you a fortune

Dont be tempted. Your life will regret it. Youll lose months to this damned game.


so you pay a penny for a free trial? hmm?

It's not a free trial. Its a 14 day subscription.

These have been £1.49 for months, obviously just trying to get rid now.

Warning: Once you start and invest time in building you character are are already sucked into the all immersive world of WoW. At this point you will need to start paying and becuase you are training and building your own character, you will pay without a second thought!

And that works out at £108 a year.

Best advice? Save yourself a penny and go out for a walk instead in the fresh air of the real world.

I sold my char on ebay after a year for £180.

Very good game, works out as cheap entertainment... but at the end of the day its drug.... avoid if you got a lot of responsibility or enjoy your walks in the park.

Questing later on in the game requires a lot of organising/epic runs (taking hours) through instances.

very true , i played this game for over a year and have 2 level 70 chars but stopped playing in mar 07 , and omg how i enjoy life now ,i never realisied how much time i was playing this game until i eventually stopped beware this game is like a drug and believe me it is , you can play 24hrs sometimes as it is that addictive

you only need to read some of the posts at ]wowdetox to see how bad these games (and others like it) can be! they can take over your life! lol [COLOR=Black]][SIZE=-1]

Expired now £1.49
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