World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card, £15.06 delivered + 3.2% Quidco @ Dixons

World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card, £15.06 delivered + 3.2% Quidco @ Dixons

Found 17th Jan 2010
Usually £8.99 per month if you go the Blizzard way. So this is effectively £7.30 ish per month, so thats a saving of £1.70 per month, which beleive me, makes a difference when you add it up.

Best price by far if your in need of more play time or dont have the will to subscribe using the 6 month option like me Even though deep down, it'd be worth it.

Don't start a QQ flame war about the pricing of a game, and please dont vote cold based on the game and subscription, vote based on the DEAL!

3.2% Quidco available to give you 48 shiny pennies.


usually £8.99 a month

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Doesnt matter anyway, WoW hater brigade has already made this cold. Such sad people.

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Instead of just voting cold the second you see 'Warcraft', maybe give a reason? Maybe a better deal? Afterall this is a deals website, and voting shouldnt be based on past experiences of this game where you have lost love ones due to playing a game too much. :whistling:

QQ flame war more...whatever the hell that means.

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Doberman Pharaoh;7568240

QQ flame war more...whatever the hell that means.

It means when people start crying in the post about how this game destroys lives etc etc or its a ripoff because you have to pay to play (even though u have to pay to watch tv).

Just re-installed WoW after 3 years away - really impressed with the little things they have done to improve the game, especially the Dungeon Finder. Long gone spaming the zone for an hour to get a group to join an instance - just click on the dungeon finder and it match makes for you.

Thanks for deal OP

Good deal. I won't be going back to WoW though.. it got so bad recently, even with all the useful little tweaks.

Thanks, HOT as this has saved me a bit of money for my son.

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Deal hasnt expired yet, mods please unexpire.

Stupid WoW haters...

Unexpired - thanks for reporting

Voted hot, great deal, tempted to grab one (not played in 4 months or so).
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