World Of Warcraft Battlechest only £9.99 @ Game
World Of Warcraft Battlechest only £9.99 @ Game

World Of Warcraft Battlechest only £9.99 @ Game

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You can buy this online at Game or Gamestation with free delivery.

I know that the one in Game is an online deal ONLY because I saw it instore at £19.99 which cost more than buying each game separately at £9.99 each!


It is worth mentioning that there is a one month subscription in this box,although the product description doesnt mention it

Also worth mentioning is to upgrade to the latest expansion is at at least 15 quid, then you have a new expansion to buy in a couple of months for another 20 odd quid.

also worth mentioning it'll take you more than a couple months to get through these unless you grind like hell =]
(i'm too scared to start an account cause that's what i'd end up doing lol)

been floating around this price for a while now at several places so not voted

It's been this price for the best part of 6 months

same on amazon

or get a friend to send you a referral link on the Refer a Friend scheme. Triple XP for level 1-60. my friend and i are doing that at the moment. level 1-51 in 1 day 6 hours playtime.

as long as you and the referrer are partied and within 4 levels of each other. great for you, great for his alt. he can get free levels, a free mount and a month of playtime when the new person pays for 2 months playtime. (if they like it).

using the referral link bags you a 10 day trial, then you add the first code. so 40 days in total.
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