World of Warcraft: Illidan - Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

World of Warcraft: Illidan - Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

Found 1st JanMade hot 2nd Jan
A good deal for Warcraft fans. The book about Illidan Stormrage for only 99p.

It was released last year before the launch of the Legion expansion.


Thank you!

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Got this for free just now, we'll kinda...

As a prime member order something else but choose normal delivery si you get £1 free digital credit.

Then order this and voila

prime members get this free when you have digital credit at least £1 because this purchase will give you another £1 digital credit

I just bought it as I had free credit with prime but is there a way to read this on other devices? Basically Im looking for an epub donwload?

dont worry, already figured it out have some heat OP

Great, thanks OP

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