world of Warcraft lich king  expansion £1 @ Poundland

world of Warcraft lich king expansion £1 @ Poundland

Found 22nd Dec 2014
world of Warcraft lich king expansion £1

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It's not online.
im going to have to post this cold as this expansion is free once you start paying per month along with the burning crusade and I think all expansion up to the most recent one if free (i shall confirm if mist are free too).

I guess its cool to buy this just to have on your self maybe?
Yeah, I do wonder if they know that these are pretty much valueless now, as you can't buy them seperately, when you buy the base game, you get ALL expansions except the latest included.

However, if they get any stock of Pandaland in, I'll buy one as I got that gifted to me in digital form and it'd be worth a pound to fill that gap.

Still appreciate the post, I'm sure the OP doesn't know, it's a bit of a 'niche' thing (if you can call about 5 million current players 'niche') - and I sure as hell don't want to discourage future posts of interesting stuff showing up in the usual tat in the DVD section
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7.4 million players at the moment, so definitely not niche. But yeah, the boxed Lich King expansion is worthless as it's included in the base game.
Isn't this pointless now? I swear you get all the expansions other than the latest just for subscribing.
As cold as a pair of Jack Frosts pants....

Let me sum this up, you have to go out and get this as it's a physical copy. That would be petrol or bus fair used for something that is now completely free online. oO
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Why is this hot? Its worthless. They recommend you to not use earlier disks as there are to many changes since then.
You also get it free now anyhow. Heat makes no sense
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