World Of Warcraft mega low price (GAMESTATION) - £6.99
World Of Warcraft mega low price (GAMESTATION) - £6.99

World Of Warcraft mega low price (GAMESTATION) - £6.99

Instore - found the a full version of the game in a store in Folkestone Kent today... slashed to 6.99, Game are selling it at 9.99...
Get one for your kids b 4 they all go lol


Not bad, HMV have it at £5.99 online, but I'm not sure if it's that price instore too.

Thanks posters, just ordered it from HMV many thanks :-)

This should come with a 30 day free trial but don't forget after that it's £8.99 every month.

Just in case anyone reading didn't realise it was a subscription fee online game, although I'm sure most people know about it by now.

And don't forget that you can download it for free with a 10-day trial from:


I believe the price in store has gone back up now to 9.99

Great game - shame about paying monthly though

Didnt know that, ok thats getting send back, whats the point of purchasing an online game if there is no online server to play. I do know of some free ones, but its not the point.

world of warcraft is an addictive game and very good value for money ,, but beware ,, it is very addictive once u start u cnat stop :P been playing for nearly 2 years now

Leeroy Jenkins!

Guild wars is similar and also a very good game with no monthly fees! WOW wins it though

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yep its a bit steep..... the demos is ok for a quick run arround on... early this week the price was still 6.99 i was told by a kid i know who went and got one.

DO NOT buy this game for your kids - the first thing they'll want is your credit card for the monthly subscription!! I speak as one who knows....
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