World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. £7.71 instore at Tesco
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.  £7.71 instore at Tesco

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. £7.71 instore at Tesco

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I seem to be making a habit of posting deals for this expansion pack - but I saw this for sale in my local Tesco Extra earlier today for only £7.71.

Tesco Direct also stock this expansion, but at a price of £9.73, so it might have been a misprice. However, I understand this is quite a good deal for this pack.


Not a bad price but don't forget the £8.99 monthly fee for the base game.

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Fair comment, but still pretty good considering Gamestation are still selling it for £14.99. Certainly the cheapest I've seen it for.

Good price in comparison to other stores, but no offence £8.99 a month = £108 per year for a game, a little too expensive for me. My advice, buy Oblivion for £20 200 hours plus and a much better deal.

My Advice :- Buy Guild Wars (No monthly fees)

I did think about World of Warcraft until i found out what the monthly fee was!.

Now play Guild Wars and no monthly fees, just buy the game!.

Regards to all Billyhl.

You don't have to pay the £108 for the whole year, just for whatever you want to use. Most people that play WoW only play WoW, so don't spend loads of money on other games.

russ - WoW gives you thousands of hours of play and has the community aspect, it's much more in depth and incomparable to Oblivion.

There is no reason to vote this cold, it's the best price around for the expansion, so anyone voting cold is a pillock.

I have to kind of agree. Whilst the monthly fee does seem a little off from the start you end up saving money, as for the most part you don't buy any other games (or indeed buy food / leave the house ^_^)

There's a lot more to WoW than one might take in on a first viewing, which I guess is one of the reasons it's so successful.

Certainly not a reason to vote it cold as it is a bargain price for what's offered.

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Oddly enough, I do play Guild Wars, despite having a copy of WoW that I bought but have yet to install. I also used to play Star Wars Galaxies, but the less said about that the better...:-(

Anyway, I thought that as so many people seem to swear by WoW and how good the game and its expansion are, I'd post this deal. I tend to frequent games shops quite a lot (:oops:), and am usually fairly well versed on what sort of price games go for. This is definitely the cheapest I have seen this expansion sell for.

I certainly understand people commenting on the monthly charge for playing the game and their views on that, but as this is an expansion, the people most likely to be interested in the deal may well already have WoW and fancy a go at the expansion.

Hence they will more often than not be aware of the monthly fees already, which then becomes a bit of a moot point.

Thats a great price for BC, just spent £9.99 from play.com, wish i had checked here first. Oh and you can get the monthly subscription for £7.25 a month using this method hotukdeals.com/ite…ot/
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