World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Expansion Pack)

World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (Expansion Pack)

Found 21st Jan 2007
Special Features

* New Player Races: New allies will join the game, expanding the story line and allowing players to develop powerful new characters within the world.
* Higher Level Limit: The game's level cap is being raised to 70, and every new level will offer meaningful spell, ability, and talent upgrades for each character class.
* New Lands and Battlegrounds: Explore the magical realms of the Blood Elves, journey through the Dark Portal into untamed Outland, and visit dungeons and battlefields previously inaccessible to players.
* Flying Mounts: In Outland, players will gain access to unique airborne mounts that will allow for smoother travel over some of that region's more hazardous terrain.
* Jewelcrafting, Socketable Items, and More: Crafters will be pleased to know that the expansion adds an all-new profession to the game: Jewelcrafting. With Jewelcrafting comes the advent of socketable items in World of Warcraft, which will give players additional variety in how they can customize their gear. In addition, existing professions will be enhanced to take advantage of the increased character-level limit.
* New Quests, New Monsters, and New Challenges: As the boundaries of World of Warcraft are stretched farther than ever before, there will be exciting new quests for players to undertake and new monsters to confront. And with greater challenges come greater rewards...


World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade takes up where World of Warcraft left off, with the races of the Horde and the Alliance continuing to rebuild their lives among the shattered lands of Azeroth. Amid the fragile peace that exists between the factions come rumors that the Burning Legion's age-old war against Azeroth - the so-called Burning Crusade - has been rekindled and threatens to consume the world in another firestorm of war and strife. Old allegiances fall and new ones rise as both the Horde and Alliance look to new friends in this time of need.
Building on the award-winning formula set forth in World of Warcraft, the expansion set adds even more rich content to an already massive game.


Hi mike06, thanks for the post. Please make sure you post deals under the correct retailer ( instead of creating a new one. See the link in my sig for help with this kind if thing.

You can get this game from ][COLOR=blue]PowerplayDirect [/COLOR]for £17.49, and I believe there may also be a £1 off code ][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR], making it £16.49 delivered

and 4% quidco but looks like tracking takes ages.

Thanks for this mike06

what do i need to get up and running on this game??
never ever played it

World of Warcraft is Massive Mulit-player Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG for short.

You need the original World of Warcraft before you get the expansion set. This adds 2 extra races you could be and means you can progress to level 70, level 60 being the max in the original game.

A word of caution though :-

World of Warcraft is a sucks your life away

I've been playing for about 18 months now, my fiancee plays as do her sons and her bast friend and her best friends children. I have made some good friends through it some of which will coming to our wedding. It's now the only game I play. I cant see me ever getting bored of it. If you play on the thunderhorn server look out for me as toyboy a lvl 63 troll priest

For the horde!!!

my husband plays it, has help books, special z board, and since Burining Crusade arrived he has failed to change a nappy as he is too busy!!!

Original game available for £10.95 delivered…844
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