World Of Warships FREE PC Game

World Of Warships FREE PC Game

Found 18th Jan
The World of Warships fleet features over 200 ships, dating back to World War I and World War II. Put on your commander's cap, find out which warship type suits you, and amass a navy of your own.
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Its a great game but its tempting to buy stuff
It is a great game, put you can only upgrade your ships so far then you have to pay
Pay to win?
No, unlike World of Tanks with its premium ammo.
I can only speak for World of Tanks, but you can technically play this for free to any level, it will just take you longer to progress and players who are willing to buy the premium items will have an edge, so you will lose more than they will.
If losing doesn't hurt your ego then this is a great game.

Buying a single premium tank will rake in enough credits to spam premium ammo if you feel like it, I think WoW uses some kind of consumables model instead?

Think of it like a normal game, except you don't pay £30 up front to buy it, you pay that in 6 months, possibly repeatedly.

Be aware that it's very easy to get suckered into paying a lot more for your pixel tanks/ships then you'd normally consider reasonable. That's why it rakes in more money than any other F2P game.
i love this game
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