World Surfer Travel on iTunes now FREE!!!

World Surfer Travel on iTunes now FREE!!!

Found 25th Nov 2009
Another FREE App!!! Fantastic for us bargain hunters! This sounds pretty cool check out the vendors info below.

GeoVector World Surfer is a whole new way to use your phone. Simply point your new compass enabled iPhone 3GS* while you are walking to find information about the places you see around you.

Point your phone down a street to see if there is anything good to eat in that direction. Point your phone at a building to learn its history, see Flickr pictures or YouTube movies. Bookmark your car or any favorite place and be guided right back to it. Look for special offers only when you want them.

World Surfers powerful pointing technology performs directionally filtered searches so that you get just the information you are looking for.

Whether you are in familiar territory or off on an adventure, GeoVector World Surfer is the perfect companion. Find things you need quickly. Satisfy your curiosity instantly. Explore new worlds securely.

Download World Surfer for 3GS and Click on the Real World!

*While designed for the iPhone 3GS, World Surfer will work with reduced functionality on any OS3.0 device. Devices with GPS recommended.


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Should say US surfer as it's pretty crap and I live in big old Bristol

Finds nowt


agreed. pile of rubbish here in the UK

I live in aberdeen and i found it pretty accurate found all my fav bars but only needed the nearest one - i would say for a free app is 9/10

You need a data connection for this right? Makes it instantly useless when you go on holiday, since it costs a fortune to use data abroad. And Layar is free.
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