World Tour Soccer PSP £1.99

World Tour Soccer PSP £1.99

Found 2nd Apr 2007
Back in stock- I dont know for how long, but my guess is not very.
5% Quidco to.


out of stock already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

The shop is ridiculous...they put 2 copies on each day between 12-4 (test my theory tomorrow). Ive managed to order a few copies but im not very confident in getting them after the recent cancellations, think they just do this to keep us shoppers coming back and hope that we choose to buy something else after the "out of stock" disappointment.

However if they process my other 3 open orders, or even 1 of them i will be happy! Expect to see WTS @ 99p tommorow! - Good game by the way.

99p new or 4.99 2nd hand:whistling:
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