World Tour Soccer (PSP) - £6.48 delivered
World Tour Soccer (PSP) - £6.48 delivered

World Tour Soccer (PSP) - £6.48 delivered

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World Tour Soccer for the PSP is just £6.98 incluuding delivery from Game!

Description: Challenge Edition offers you the chance to prove you've got the skills to match the world's best. Choose from over 200 club and international teams each with fully licensed player names and likenesses, and attempt to take them to cup glory. The better you get, the more chance you have of unlocking new club sides, special teams, extra stadia and cup competitions by achieving success in various game modes


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Features: [LIST]
[*]World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition encourages you to take your skills out to the wider world. By using the Ad Hoc wireless mode you will be able to challenge other PSP owners in the nearby area to a game; bragging rights in the train carriage are up for grabs!
[*]Challenge mode is great if you only have one PSP and a large group of friends. It's not about scraping a lucky winning goal, it's about winning in style! The better your skills the more points you can score. Points are awarded for fabulous footwork, sharp shooting, pinpoint passing and dogged defending.
[*]Set your score against the 'AI team' then let your friends have a go to see if they have what it takes to beat your score and reach the top of the league.
[*]If you've watched the football over the weekend, and are fed up with your team's performance, what better way to pass the time on the way to work on Monday morning? Just pick up your PSP and re-live all the action. Be the playmaker, scorer and the keeper to ensure your team does, for once, what you want them to! Just make sure you don't get too carried away and forget you're on your way to work rather than at the Nou Camp![/LIST]

Cheers for this,will show my wee boy this game when he gets home from the real world of footy.....:thumbsup:

Thanks for this Cat

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Thanks edi and hotscot

Thanks, I was looking for this

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You're welcome Nomak

Thanks for this.

crapest footballgame out for sure i got it played one game and went to game and traded it in im shocked tht there evan aloud to sell this game for this much
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