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Waze navigation and live traffic
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
This app helps u get around everywhere and will always keep u up to date on traffic

Maybe not many know about it


All ways use Waze fantastic maps


Why was this even posted lmao


Do you understand what a “deal” is?


Great App but Battery Hungry!!! so I wire it into the car to charge or a battery pack when on a long journey. I have used for about 3 years now and I recommend it.

WAZE, community-based traffic and navigation app
Found 8th May 2014Found 8th May 2014
WAZE, community-based traffic and navigation app
Has great reviews and worth giving it a try. Available for - Android, iOS and Windows phone. Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers. Waze is one of… Read more

Great app. Being using for ages. I agree on the speed limit thing also.


I had this issue earlier on. Tried downloading language pack and everything but didnt help. Try disabling the option of Play sound to phone speaker in Sound in settings. That sorted out the issue for me.


had afew issues lately with Waze telling me to take an exit, only for it then to recaluclate and tell me to go back on. Also the sounds gone nuts on it...wont tell me anything usueful and will occasionally blurt out 'road' or some other random navigation based word rather than a proper instruction


This provides live feed from other users (speed cameras, mobile patrol etc.) , dont think google navigation does that. Switched from Google Nav to this. Would be nice if they added speed limits for roads like tomtom does.


Drinking and driving huh..Hmmm!

Amazing FREE Sat Nav App - Waze. For iPhone Android WinMo and Symbian
Found 4th Nov 2011Found 4th Nov 2011
Amazing FREE Sat Nav App - Waze. For iPhone Android WinMo and Symbian
Just downloaded and tried this App from the Appstore this morning and it is well cool!! Thought I'd share it with you all because its such a refreshing look on sat nav and sad as i… Read more

This is so old news


I find the Navigation feature built into Google Maps for Android is usually spot on.


Already been posted https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/waze-free-nav-software-with-free-traffic-updates-1047339 not a good app at the moment to use, but worthwhile for the future (with new members & greater input). From their own website:


Cheers, nice to see WinMo support,


Is it easy to use for walking navigation?

Free Sat Nav Software with Free Traffic Updates @ Waze
Found 29th Oct 2011Found 29th Oct 2011
Free Sat Nav Software with Free Traffic Updates @ Waze
Free Download of Waze - I've only just downloaded this on the iphone but apparently works on Android, Blackberry and Nokia too. Its a SAT NAV and provides FREE TRAFFIC UPDATES … Read more
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Works to a degree on the Blackberry Torch but awesome considering its free so hot from me!


looking at some of these reviews, I'll stick with the google maps ased nav, that also takes traffic into account.


The app is quite unique... It actually offers you 'sweets' as rewards the more you use it... Probably an incentive for more people to use it more so the traffic accuracy is better!


Read the instructions! I admit it does have some bizarre routing so it is best to ignore the satnav at first. It learns the routes you use (you need to have it in navigation mode to do this) and then will alert you to problems on your routes Have been using it a week and it is learning how I drive quite quickly and has been very useful!


Loaded it and it seems to work. Lets see how it goes in action. Heat added

Free "wisdom of crowds" sat nav and traffic alert for iphone/Android/Blackberry/Nokia/Windows
Found 5th Dec 2010Found 5th Dec 2010
Free "wisdom of crowds" sat nav and traffic alert for iphone/Android/Blackberry/Nokia/Windows
Waze is a free turn by turn sat nav application that relies on users to generate its data. As you drive you automatically tell it about the roads, average speeds and your preferred… Read more



This should be good for me, I'm always on the A40.


Ignore the data presumably, unless your train runs on a road.


I wonder what it will do when I am on the train


I walk and use buses so if I left this running it would probably screw the accuracy up.........................

Free "Social" GPS for iPhone/Android
Found 25th Feb 2010Found 25th Feb 2010
Free "Social" GPS for iPhone/Android
Waze is a social mobile application providing free turn-by-turn navigation based on the live conditions of the road. 100% powered by users, the more you drive, the better it gets. … Read more
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My nearest event is in Wembley 105km away and the furthest is over 1500km away! I like it though so I will give it some time and input some new roads. Thanks for sharing, I only come on here now for cool iPhone apps and utilities.


It's the sort of application that requires people to use it before its actually usable. However, it's been available in the US for quite a while, and it works well over there.


Doesn't appear to actually work properly yet :(


May need a little more work still...


seems a little glitchy and odd - so do you just turn on the new road recording, and drive? how do you name the roads and such?