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Worlds Sharpest Knives set £27 @ Sainsburys
-211° Expired

Worlds Sharpest Knives set £27 @ Sainsburys

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-211° Expired
Worlds Sharpest Knives set £27 @ Sainsburys
Posted 8th Nov 2011Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Went in to sainsburys and there was a woman selling and demonstrating the worlds sharpest knives

got 3 big knives, 2 smaller ones and 3 spiral parers for £27.00

She said the products alone are worth over £100 and the tv shopping channels sell them for £25 a knife and pnp

Maybe worth having a look

Can upload a receipt if needed
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how could they ALL be the sharpest ?
I dont think the world sharpest knives need demo in superstores. They sell for themselves
apparently they dont blunt, she was rubbing them against a hammer, chopping board and they didn't break or blunt at all and they still cut threw what she was cutting

apparently they dont blunt, she was rubbing them against a hammer, … apparently they dont blunt, she was rubbing them against a hammer, chopping board and they didn't break or blunt at all and they still cut threw what she was cutting

"She said the products alone are worth over £100"

That's called a lie. People tell you those when they want you to think something is true, when it actually isn't. People have even been known to say this to your face.
What she was cutting?
There's one born every minute!
potato, tomatos, lemon. and then paired hte skin off them

then tried cutting in to a chopping board and then a hammer head and then bending the knifes ect to try and get them to break
Don't know about the price but my parents have had some of these knifes for about three years and yes they are extremely sharp , stanley knife sharp . The only thing i wouldn't use them for is 'quick chopping' as they are a slightly flexible blade . Very usefull.
omg, cant believe im reading this , flipping heck there is hope for me yet. lol o deary me lol
Haha! Funniest thread of the month!

O dont forget the spiral parers got to be worth it for them alone lol


UK,s dearest Supermarket now flogging dodgy knives!

You honestly can find anything on this site!
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Are those quite long and slim knife with serrated (thanks arch68!) blade (that's why it doesn't need sharpening and lifetime warranty... I think). I bought those at Debenhams 3 years ago, and never use any other knife anymore. really love it. I could cut the frozen meat and still cut thin slices of tomatoes. of cos I never tried like the demo on hammer and board (had similar demo). I also had 3 of the big ones but I've been using just 1 and gave 1 to my sis and kept the other as a spare (don't know when I will be using it). This is firey hot!!!
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Obvious troll is obvious.
@wolverina do you mean serrated?
This might be worth a read OP

@wolverina do you mean serrated?

ooo yeah. thanks !
lol they give these out free every few months in Debenhams.......all gone blunt
Ive got one given to me and to be honest I find them no different to any other knife except they are very bendy and not really good for cutting hard vegetables!
Deserves to be cold due to OP's poor grammar in the title and description, despite the spelling on the box
twintowerstrading?! srs?

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Also been given one of these FREE in Debenhams.
lol, saw this in Tesco think it was last year. they never sell those spiral things!
I had a couple of these FREE from Debenhams about 5 years ago, used them once they were such poor quality they went straight into the bin.

OP did it not occur to you that if these really were "The world's sharpest knives that never need re-sharpening" why on earth they were trying to flog you three of them?

(I bit didn't I)
I received mine for free from Debenhams (1 large and a paring knife) after DD wanted to watch the demo... and threw both out as they went rusty. Kept the thing that you whirl around the cucumber and DD regularly destroys said cucumbers for the want of a couple of curly slices of cucumber! As they say, nothing in life is free!

Wasn't Derren Brown selling them was it? oO
On the up side I don't think you'll need to bother uploading the reciept!

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Was she demonstrating them by cutting up magic beans ?
poor guy must be gutted - take back
Take them back OP, you've been scammed.
OP, you are The Stupidest Person on HUKD- and that takes some doing!
Obviously not the sharpest knife in the block, however the best laugh I have had in a while.. I have some magic beans for sale?
I have what looks very similar, got them for about 2 quid each 3 years ago. Despite the cheap price and dodgy plastic handle, it is still sharp as chuff. My GF has the same knife also used daily and still the best all round knife she has. I have others costing 40 quid upwards that may be better for single tasks, but are nowhere near as useful as these.
Mine are great, also came from debenhams 2 years ago & they are far from blunt & still can cut all that is thrown at them... Even frozen stuff
Have to agree with both camps here. I love a sharp knife and also bought some a few years ago, the filet knoife wasn't soooo sharp but still works the main serrated knife is bndy and has difficulty with hard veggies but does still work wonders with soft veggies/fruit. We gave our "speare" ones to my mum and mom in law. Yes they have gone slightly rusty but are still sharp enough to take your finger off.
Not sure about giving this one heat tho' here's an argument for a neutral posting ....praps LOL
Bought these in tesco following a demo last year. Took them back the next day.
OP - did you actually go shopping for knives? I'm guessing not... which probably means that the knives you already had at home did exactly the job you need them to do. Why do you need the worlds sharpest knife to do the same job?
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