Worms (Xbox 360) 84p @ Xbox Store (Gold Members)

Worms (Xbox 360) 84p @ Xbox Store (Gold Members)

Found 8th Aug 2017
Gird your loins, grow a spine, and prepare yourself for war! The worms are back, ready to kick some dirt, and itching to give you all the mayhem you can handle! In the full version, you can battle up to three other players on one of three random landscape themes, change the multitude of game settings, collect all of the 12 achievements, and write your name in the “Worms” hall of fame. Don’t delay, show some backbone, and buy “Worms” now -- the invertebrate army wants YOU!

Not currently Backwards Compatible
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Gold Members Only at that price


Assuming this has split-screen MP, does every player in the mode need to have XBL Gold to play the game? I seem to remember buying a Worms game on the 360 a while back and player 2 not being able to play as they weren't a Gold member. Bizarre.
its not been mentioned it for gold members only at that price.
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