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Posted 6 September 2023

WORX Cordless Lawn Mower with 2 x 20 V Batteries, 34cm, WG779E.2

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  • SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER: Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40V tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products. WG779E.1 Powered by 2pc 20V Powershare batteries, up to 460 m2 on a charge.
  • TORQUE ON DEMAND: Patented Intellicut technology adds power when the grass gets thicker, then allows you to dial it back down to conserve battery.
  • CUT TO EDGE: The cut-to-edge design gets closer than other mowers to fences and features on your lawn, for less trimming later.
  • COLLASPSIBLE HANDLE: For easy storage in the garage during the off-season.
  • SINGLE-LEVER/6 CUTTING HEIGHTS: The single-lever adjustment lets you pick the right height to accommodate different seasons and different preferences.
  • BATTERY CHARGE INDICATOR: You'll always know how much battery you have left with the on-board indicator. That way you'll know how much more you can cut before you need to swap out batteries or recharge.
  • DUAL-PORT CHARGER: Charge both batteries at once in 2 hours, or just charge 1 in an hour. And you can use it to charge the 20V batteries of all your Worx PowerShare tools.
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  1. zommzomm's avatar
    Recently bought the Worx mower and strimmer bundle from Homebase for £143 which was a great deal.

    I don’t have a huge lawn but find the batteries last really well using both mower and strimmer. I also have spares so not a big concern.

    Love the fact it’s cordless, doesn’t seem very powerful compared to my old Bosch corded which is to be expected.

    The roller for striping is quite small compared to the Bosch so have to run it twice the same way to get a wider stripe.

    Overall I’m quite pleased!

    50933763-mgxGf.jpg (edited)
  2. PonJaul76's avatar
    Looking at changing from a petrol mower to an electric. Anyone used one of these to comment on performance?
    TJS271182's avatar
    Worth spending the extra on this model

    WORX WG743E.1 40V Cordless 40cm Lawn Mower Dual Battery x2 4.0Ah Battery

    Also if you wait until late autumn or winter they often have it discounted.
  3. darthcisco's avatar
    I have this, had it a year and am now looking for something different. Not had a good experience with it.
  4. KingGeorgeEstate's avatar
    I can cut this in about 20 minutes. There’s usually enough juice left in the batteries to use them in the Worx cordless trimmer too. It’s a decent buy but does struggle a bit on long grass. However if you keep on top of it and cut once a week you’ll be pleased with the results. Remember: cut high, cut dry and cut sharp.
    50936364-olBcA.jpg (edited)
    hotshot's avatar
    "cut high, cut dry and cut sharp" words to live by
  5. ggmurphy's avatar
    I’ve had mine over a year, I am totally converted to battery mower as a result. Struggles to cut longer grass, battery lasts long enough to cut both front and back lawns and the stripes look great.

    For £158 I’d recommend, but now I would go for something bigger and with a bit more power.

    Light as a feather though
  6. Carrollp's avatar
    Worth noting there is a 20% off voucher on the Official Worx site if someone wants a different model.
  7. Crotchwig's avatar
    Unless the batteries are much better this lawnmower is useless using the batteries provided. I got 2 5.0ah batteries from amazon and it works great.
    strawzz's avatar
    Would you mind sharing the link to the batteries please?
  8. Axemansteel's avatar
    When this was posted before, comments were to use alternative batteries as the originals did not last long
  9. Brons11's avatar
    Saw a guy on a dewalt group drill 4 holes in the battery compartment and use a worx to dewalt adapter. goodbye guarantee though.
  10. Askrulous's avatar
    Had my worx mower and strimmer for about 4 years and both have performed really well. along with other worx tools that I have.
    Yes, the mower could do but with bigger batteries, which I bought. However, I managed perfectly fine for years with the original batteries, by doing my rear lawn one day and the front lawn the next day.
  11. mustoofa's avatar
    I’ve got 5 18 V Makita 5A batteries. Am I better off buying a Makita cordless lawnmower ? (edited)
    eccobeachy's avatar
    Yes or buy bigger worx batteries. This one seems to come with 2x 2ah batteries if you look at the small print in the pics. I bought it in a deal here in January (for less) with 2x 4ah which is good. It does 100 sq metres twice on one charge. I also have the Makita equivalent mower (and a pile of 5ah batteries) but surprisingly I’d say the worx is a better machine and doesn’t eat through the power.
  12. Liquidsky's avatar
    Not sure if relevant but recently made the jump from corded to battery mower and its a game changer. Instead of 2 hours, it now takes 40mins and so much less hassle. Its actually a pleasure to mow now.
    kudos1uk's avatar
    What is saving so much time?
    Assuming all things equal, grass box size cutting width etc it's just a case of plugging it in, they are both electric, how does not plugging in save 2/3 in cutting time?
    Genuine question, not trying to be funny or anything.
  13. daveB67's avatar
    .TLDR - Good Mower for your average lawn - get bigger / spare batteries to be safe :-)

    got the bundle last year with the strimmer for £150 ish. Agree that its a great mower limited only by the 2AH batteries. Luckily I bagged a deal on a worxs drill/impact wrench that came with another 2 x 2AH batteries a few weeks later - Works perfectly for me - mid size lawn, drains 1 set and about half the second, so plenty left for strimming round the edges.
    Grass length is one thing - if you let the grass grow above 2-3", or its wet, it drains the battery a lot quicker and as the battery drops below half charge the motor "stall" more frequently. Having said that my old petrol beastie would cough and chug slower in those circumstances so to be expected really.
  14. ElliotLewis's avatar
    I have one of these. Does a beautiful cut, I had the same issue as everyone with the batteries not lasting, told Amazon support they refunded me the cost of the batteries so I could buy two more, spend it on the Asuncell 5.0 instead of the WORX 2.0 as they're the same price. Works a dream, have done two cuts without having to charge, I've got a big front lawn and a small back lawn.
  15. jimbeam's avatar
    Usually go to half price around oct / nov on worx ebay outlet
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