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Posted 27 November 2022

Worx Cube Vac cordless compact vacuum cleaner 20V - with battery and charger £59.99 with code at Worx

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    Reviews are generally good but suggest the filters are the main issue. After a few minutes of cleaning they get blocked and suction disappears. Was thinking of replacing my Dyson v6 with a dead battery but don't think this is the solution.
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    Would this be if any 'real' use to vacuum a car for example?
    Check reviews on YouTube as there's plenty in action and gives u and idea
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    I have one, I use it to tidy up ash (when cooled) around my woodburner. The filter in the bottom is the size of a shot glass, so being so small does quickly clog up. As long as you keep on top of it it’s okay but you will be rattling the filter on the inside of the bin quite often. It’s only for light use.
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    I've had one since it came out. It used to have two levels - low and high, but apparently they changed this. I bought it so I could clean up after my then 1-year-old who will soon be 4. Genuinely, I have found it incredible. Some key points:

    1. I use it mainly on the first level, but if something is really stuck then high will usually do it. I'm talking things like a grain stuck between the crack of a floorboard, or something stuck tightly in the pile of a carpet
    2. The battery lasts me ages. One 2ah battery will absolutely do the entire car to include the boot, and have some left over. Caveat - I use it with a combo of low and high modes, and as I said earlier I don't know if this is available any more.
    3. Suction is great for the size. We bought a Simba mattress that I wanted to transfer to a relative's. I bought a plastic mattress bag, used duck tape to make it airtight, and then by making a small hole I was able to use the worx cube suck out the air and make it foldable so I could transfer it. It flattened it right down, maybe to 85% of the original flattened size I received the mattress in from the factory. This was probably the most impressive exercise it performed.
    4. The hose must be treated carefully and not pulled too much! If one keeps on doing it then it will break. I had to get a replacement machine because of this. I wonder if they strengthened it. The plastic glue I used to fix it just would not keep, so it had to go back
    5. The filters last me ages and they get absolutely caked. I've really abused this poor unit with wet child food through to plaster/mortar dust, and it works fine. Plaster/mortar dust will clogg up the filter vanes very quickly, so I take it out and wash then dry it. I have the 3rd filter installed since I bought this unit over 2 years ago

    I've had a lot of people impressed by this little cube vac who have gone out and bought it.

    If anyone has any questions, I've be happy to answer them.
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    Coupon expired now
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