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Posted 23 November 2022

WORX WG547E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Air Turbine Garden Leaf Blower, 1x 2AH Battery, 1x Fast Charger £44.99 Delivered @ Worx/eBay

£44.99£93.4952% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good deal on this. You would pay this at least for just the battery and fast charger (actually £67.98 from Amazon for both, see links below*), here you are getting a leaf blower thrown in as well!

£93.49 on Amazon (actually sold by Worx, fulfilled by Amazon. And it's a Black Friday deal )

* Battery - £39.99

Charger - £28.99

3 Year warranty on Worx (2 years standard then a further year on registration).

The WORX WG547E TURBINE 18V Cordless Blower features a two-speed control function which allows for light duty cleaning to full leaf removal on any type of surface. The Powerful 20V Max Lithium lightweight cordless blower with TURBINE technology delivers up to 10 cubic metres per min of air velocity. This takes the job away from that heavy, loud petrol blower and puts it into a light weight quiet tool that everyone can use.

The WORX WG547E Turbine Blower takes cordless blowers to a new level. With the turbine technology, the cordless blower moves from hard surface sweeping tools to full blown garden work tools. These blowers can do everything from sweeping the driveway and path to piling up leaves after an autumn fall. These tools are light weight, ergonomic and powerful

  • 74 mph of air speed to clean up large area
  • 20V max Lithium battery provides cordless convenience
  • Lightweight, compact Design reduces fatigue
  • Two-speed Design to tackle any job for various applications
  • Hyper-stream air nozzle for extra tough conditions

Included in your purchase
x1 WG547E Blower
x1 2.0Ah Battery
x1 1hr Charger
eBay More details at eBay

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  1. Avatar
    Could I use this to dry a car off after cleaning?
  2. Avatar
    Don't forget ebay/nectar power hour on Friday 30x points
    220 left in stock right now. Approx 20 sold since this deal was posted 33 mins ago! Keep checking would be my advice if you really want this (edited)
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    Blower in action 🎬 😃
    Note how dry those leaves are! How often do you get those conditions in the UK?
    I use mine on the patio areas but the only really effective tool on the grass areas is a rotary lawnmower.
  4. Avatar
    Any recommendations for a blower / Vacumn
    My recommendation would be - don't bother! They're really awkward things to use, have very limited capacity and just block up if the leaves are large or a bit damp. I gave up with mine after multiple attempts to make use of it and I hear the same from others who have tried them.
  5. Avatar
    Bought this a few weeks back

    the supplied battery didn’t last long on the top power setting

    works fine with my 4ah ones

    does a decent job of blowing dry leaves and sawdust and the mess a chainsaw makes into a heap so can either throw it over wall or shovel it up

    more blowing power than I expected but my expectations were low. I only bought it for the battery and charger for a drill I leave in work

    compared to some of their other battery powered tools I’d say this was one of the better ones.

    I did have an old Titan one that also vacuumed up and ran off mains. But cables are a pain and I broke it

    for leaves on lawn nothing works better than lawnmower if u want to collect it up
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    This is back in stock, in time for extra nectar goodness
    Thanks for that bud, I'd been checking but hadn't seen it so thanks
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    Decent this is, had mine a few years with no issues. Battery life ok but definitely need more than the one. Tempted to get another at this price
    I got a upgraded 6.0ah battery as turbo mode on original battery is only 10 mins and I need longer power
  8. Avatar
    Now full price needs to expire
    Thanks for that; I've now expired the deal

    PS Still 20 quid less than amazon (edited)
  9. Avatar
    2AH battery won’t last long - additional batteries needed to make good use of this product.
    Battery life of 30mins Apparently
  10. Avatar
    Anyone else prefer a leaf sucker?
    I have a petrol leaf vacuum and it's great, it vacuums up the leaves, shreds them and bags them, personally don't see much point in blowing them around but hey ho
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    Great deal, Thanks
    Very welcome
  12. Avatar
    Ordered thank you!
    Very welcome
  13. Avatar
    Won't post to northern Ireland
    This is part of the UK
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    Tried mine out, pleasantly surprised. Does very well on dry/wet leaves on hard ground like tarmac. Performance on grass and gravel isn't as good, but still enough to make a dent - but that was with large very wet leaves. The 2ah battery lasted about 10 minutes with me using it on the max setting. (edited)
    max setting?? do tell... mine only seemed to have on and off? I was a bit surprised tbh, but didn't venture out to test it yet.

    Edit:- Having just sent my sons Crackerjack packet and biscuits crumbs across the floor, I can confirm I was obviously just underwhelmed that it wasn't a variable speed control, so had been ham-fistedly switching between off and MAX  
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    Does anyone who has one know if they are any good for picking up wet leaves? Either on ground or on artificial grass? Bonus points if you can answer whether it moves dog poop too as it hides in the leaves 😫
    They don't pick up at all but they do blow (dryish) leaves into a pile for picking up.
    No experience with dog poop but I think it would struggle.
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    Looked at this for a week, as I didn't really need it ... so I decided to order it.
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    Bought thanks
    Very welcome
  19. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
    Very welcome
  20. Avatar
    Does it comes with a pointed nozzle?
    • Hyper-stream air nozzle for extra tough conditions

    Is that one? Genuinely have no idea. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Great deal thanks
    Very welcome
  22. Avatar
    Thanks op, hope it's good. Such a chore getting out my corded one. (edited)
    Very welcome
  23. Avatar
    bought one because i love my neighbours so much
  24. Avatar
    Thanks op, I only really want the charger as I have a a few batteries that I think a worx charger can charge, bauker and erbauer, if this is as good as my bauker leaf blower (I'd imagine they are pretty much identicle) then I'll sell that and hopefully end up with a very cheap fast charger.
    I think it's a good idea, personally. I'm doing it the other way, I'm selling the batteries and charger and keeping the leaf blower, which will hopefully have cost very little (if anything) when I've sold the battery and charger! I have 4x Exmate 5AH compatibles (performed faultlessly since I bought them for £33 each in 2019) and a fast dual charger which is basically all I need (even though I've got loads of power share tools but only 2 hands ).

    I would definitely recommend the dual fast charger, BTW. Great to charge 2 batteries at the same time. (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Looks like a decent deal. Not pro but good enough for what I need it for it. Heat added. I also got the cordless lawnmover for £92 from same seller which includes 2 batteries which I assume addresses the short battery life with the leaf blower.
  26. Avatar
    Thanks! Ordered!
  27. Avatar
    will this clean the dust from my computer? (edited)
    It will probably clean the computer from your dust .

    Joking aside, genuinely don't know but make sure the curtains are closed first
  28. Avatar
    Yes, back in stock! Just ordered, thanks OP.
  29. Avatar
    Back in stock?
  30. Avatar
    Mines come today but gonna sell the original 2.0ah battery and wait for the 6.0ah compatible battery i ordered
    Which one did you order?
  31. Avatar
    does anyone have a Dewalt battery adapter to worx they can recommend? as opposed to just searching for one ?
    Any good

    aikeec Battery Adapter for Dewalt 20V 18V Milwaukee 18V Convert to Worx 20V 4-PIN Li-Ion Battery Tools amzn.eu/d/f27qLMW


    ebay.co.uk/itm…OPY (edited)
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    "Leave" the leaves - queen bees hibernate in the piles
    And under my shed LoL
  33. Avatar
    Thanks for the update, just purchased
  34. Avatar
    Anyone else have issues with the charger smelling of TCP, its charging but that electrical smell is quite strong