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Posted 13 December 2022

WORX WG630E.1 18V (20V MAX) 4.0Ah Cordless Brushless Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner £99.99 @ Worx / eBay

£99.99£239.9958% off
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The WORX Hydroshot redefines the way you spray water to remove dirt, dust and grime anytime, anywhere.

The WORX Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner brings 18V (20v MAX) cordless power to pressure cleaning. A light, compact design means easy cleaning on the go. With up to 10x the pressure of a normal hose, the innovative Hydroshot is completely portable as it draws water from any source. Completely portable so you can clean anywhere there is water, including using a bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

The WG630E.1 brushless motor and 4.0Ah battery provides higher power and extended running time. The WORX Hydroshot is part of the WORX 20V power share battery platform, allowing you to share your 20V MAX li-ion battery with your other WORX garden & DIY tools. Expand your cordless system, share batteries and save money.

Technical Specifications:
  • Max rated pressure: 24bar
  • Max water flow L/H: 200
  • Speed adjustment: 2 settings

Included in your purchase

x1 WG630E
x1 4.0Ah battery
x1 1hr charger
x1 Lance
x1 6M hose
x1 Water bottle adaptor (WA4038)
x1 Quick connector adaptor
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  1. Mujahid_Ali's avatar
    Trust me they're useless for trying to wash a car I've got something similar it's a ballache.
  2. Kristianchev's avatar
    Please don’t bother buying this unless you wanna jet wash your windows otherwise it’s not worth it and yes I have one and paid double this price
  3. matty_hunt's avatar
    I have this model. I use it to wash out the bins, wash down the front of the house, its rendered and painted, the guns not powerful enough to strip the paint so ideal. If this model is supposed to be the most powerful, I certainly wouldnt bother with the other models but this one, at this price, with the battery, its a case of the right tool for the job. Dont expect a jet washer, and this can be a useful tool.
    andel90's avatar
    How long does it normally last
  4. col11's avatar
    Was waiting for one of these on offer (any brand) but this doesn't seem as good an offer as the other Works stuff the moment, think I'll hold out for a while and keep going to the car wash! (edited)
    Almighty.Dirk's avatar
    This is the cheapest I've seen the brushless model with 4ah battery
  5. SirLavaine's avatar
    Many thanks, have been waiting for a deal on this for a while
  6. sadsacdeals's avatar
    I've got the regular version, is this brushless version much better? I'm tempted to upgrade as this is cheap for the brushless
    waister's avatar
    must better and you have a 4Ah battery aaswell
  7. mrluvverluvver's avatar
    i youtubed "Max rated pressure: 24bar" , brings up several washers and demonstrates not very powerful
  8. Scrappy's avatar
    Cracking deal. Really wanted this brushless one to go alongside my petrol pressure washer for smaller jobs but happy with the Ferrex one I got not too long ago. (edited)
  9. agizzer's avatar
    Rubbish as it’s got no power….very disappointing 
  10. RealistRaja's avatar
    By no means would this work as good as the corded pressure washers but if you have no access to a tap and hose then this would do a far better job than a spray bottle to get muck off. Thanks op was waiting for it to drop in price nearly bit at £140! Heat added
  11. Mike_Onfreeserve's avatar
    I've got this and agree it is not up to jet washing a car but it will spray rinse after you've washed it.
  12. waister's avatar
    The hose pipe ban is stilll in force I believe. Therefore this is your next best option from a bucket
  13. preelard's avatar
    They are crap for anything other than spraying down an already cleaned area. They don’t remove any dirt and just your basic hose dose a better job 
  14. bytor451's avatar
    I've got this and while its not as powerful as my nilfisk pressure washer, it still removed algae from my paving slabs. Worth it considering the 4ah battery will set you back nearly £68 on amazon.
  15. greenant's avatar
    Also note this comes with a high power charger. Around 3 times more watts than the usual one. Has a fan inside.
    The included battery lasts forever. Would need to use a swimming pool of water before the battery gives up.
    Just have to be realistic about the power. There's only so much an 18v motor can do without being helped with pressured intake. From a bucket of standing water its enough to rinse car, mud and sand etc in a remote location.
  16. quietq's avatar
    £89.99 now using the code FUN10
's avatar