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WORX WG630E.9 18V (20V MAX) Brushless Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner - Body Only - £75.99 (With Code) @ Worx / Ebay

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Another Worx discounted product. A new model has been released so I think they are clearing this one. £129.99 reduced to £79.99 but use code SCORE5 for extra 5% off = £75.99. Bare unit with accessories. no Battery or Charger. Recommended 4Ah+ battery.
The WORX Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner brings 18V (20v MAX) cordless power to pressure cleaning. A light, compact design means easy cleaning on the go. With up to 10x the pressure of a normal hose, the innovative Hydroshot is completely portable as it draws water from any source. Completely portable so you can clean anywhere there is water, including using a bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

The WG630E.1 brushless motor and 4.0Ah battery provides higher power and extended running time. The WORX Hydroshot is part of the WORX 20V power share battery platform, allowing you to share your 20V MAX li-ion battery with your other WORX garden & DIY tools. Expand your cordless system, share batteries and save money.

Technical Specifications:
Included in your purchase

x1 WG630E.9
x1 Lance
x1 6M hose
x1 Water bottle adaptor (WA4038)
x1 Quick connector adaptor
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  1. JonF992's avatar
    It's complete nonsense to say these have less power than a garden hose. A garden hose has a maximum mains pressure of 5 bar. These run at 22 bar. They're not as powerful as mains pressure washers, but that's not what they're intended for. As a portable and convenient cleaner for things like mountain bikes, they're great. I use mine all the time for cleaning my bike. I leave a 25 litre water bottle at the front of the garage with the washer hanging on the wall. I can have the bike fully cleaned in less time than it takes to get my mains one out and ready to start. I wouldn't use it for cleaning lichen off the patio, but for a muddy bike it's brilliant.

    I think that people who claim these things have less power than a hose are either making something up, or have tried one without reading the instructions, and don't realise they have a high/low pressure setting, and are using the low setting.
  2. matty_hunt's avatar
    This used to be the top of the range UK model but a new release, WG633, redesigned and more powerful, is now out at £129.99 Bare unit only.

    I have this WG630 version. Its a bit large so I use it with a short lance (less than a £10 on ebay from china). It has its uses. No I dont use it to pressure wash the patio but it is idea to wash down the painted render walls of the house. Not powerful enough to strip the paint (unless already flaking) but good enough to clean.
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    Are they releasing a 40v one like they do in the US? I’ve emailed them tons of times and they never respond
  3. PAcdbOoAct's avatar
    So this specific model works with Bauker batteries then?
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    I can definitely use bauker batteries with my hydroshot 629E but I’m not sure if the worx charger charges the bauker batteries. They fit on the charger but the charger lights don’t seem to work so I don’t know if they are charging or not. (edited)
  4. NCS's avatar
    I've many (about a dozen) various WORX tools and garden tools and this was by far the only thing i can honestly say was rubbish from them! there's more power from my garden hose - stay clear is my advice
    matty_hunt's avatar
    Ive loads of their tools too. The hydroshot is ok if you limit your expectations. Back in the day when I went mountain biking every weekend this would have been great in the back of the car just to spray down the bike at the end of the day. The ability to use large coke (or similar) bottles of water makes the portability of use, though it will empty a 2l bottle rapidly, handy. A 25l drum means I can use it at the front of my terrace house where there is no water supply. But, would I pay full price? No. For me personally, I find uses for it occasionally but nothing I couldnt use an alternative with a bit of effort. I did get it on offer and for some, it will be a useful tool. Just think hard about its potential uses before purchase.
  5. shrek's avatar
    I have the WG630E.1 hydroshot and I recommend if you use it for prolonged periods at a time around 30mins to get a bigger battery I use these TenHutt 20V 5.0Ah/5000mAh. Worx batteries on their own are expensive. II also recommend a short lance and I also use a turbo nozzle. There no way near as powerful as a mains or petrol pressure washer but they do have their purpose. I use it on car sometimes and clean greenhouse and flat roof from algae. I mostly use a petrol pressure washer on car though

    I use turbo nozzle not by Worx 1/4" High Pressure Washer Jet Wash Dirt Blaster Rotating Turbo Nozzle Spray Tips
    Lanch by worx WORX WA4013 Short Lance for Hydroshot
  6. kinell's avatar
    I will be connecting this to the garden hose so that I can do some quick on-the-spot cleaning. As stated above dragging out my massively powerful Nilfisk for such jobs would just take far too long.
    I will be interested to see how it performs. Bought the rotating nozzle too, the one that makes the spray go round in a circle. Always found that to be the most powerful option.
    Soon find out. (edited)
  7. Confiteor's avatar
    I'm a moaning git but... have nothing to complain about with this. Got one on a deal a while ago and love it. Any stronger and it would risk damaging cars.

    It's great for rinsing off soap from cars, doing bikes, cleaning bins etc.

    Taking mine camping this year as a portable shower too. Will see how that goes!
    bbbazman's avatar
    You don't sound like a moaning git to me. I'd buy you a beer.
  8. Cooling_Deals's avatar
    This is great as long as you keep realistic expectations - it's a cordless pressure washer, so it will not be as powerful as a mains pressure washer. That being said, it is surprisingly powerful; I strongly would suggest using a 4ah as it will produce more power (some will argue a point here, but you'll have to trust me; the cells they employ for larger ah batteries have higher energy density and thus provide more power, and is noticeable)

    I use it in my work to clean refrigeration condensers, and it works a charm. I don't use it to "clean" the car as the power is not quite as good as I would like, but it's fine for a rinse or applying the soap product. It's nowhere near good enough for patio cleaning. It's good for many jobs, and handy not having to hook up a hose or drag around a cable; it's also handy NOT to have such high pressure (edited)
  9. benoreno's avatar
    good for cleaning the car/bike?
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