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Posted 15 November 2022

WORX WX439 500W 120mm Worxsaw XL Compact Circular Saw with 3 Blades + Carry Case - £39.99 Delivered @ worx/eBay

£39.99£100.4060% off
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Good deal on this.

3 Year warranty (2 years standard then a further year on registration)

Amazon asking £100.40 for it!

The WX439 WORXSAW XL has a sleek and compact design allowing you to operate with one hand, whilst never being out of control. The WX439 WORXSAW XL will cut tiles, stone, brick, wood, metal and plasterboard with ease (dependant to blade used)

Comes with 3 blades - 1 x diamond tipped blade (for tiles, ceramics and brickwork), 1 x TCT wood cutting blade and 1 x HCS general purpose blade (ideal for plastic and metal).

Plunge cuts are ideal for creating vents, putting in electric sockets, light switches and cutting out sections of flooring. With the WX439 WORXSAW simply set the depth guide and start your cut exactly where it's needed. It's the safe, stress free way to make accurate cuts.

The WX439 WORXSAW XL is incredibly lightweight and ergonomically designed with a slim inline grip, so it's easy and comfortable to manoeuvre.

Box Contains:

x1 WX439 Worxsaw
x1 TCT wood cutting blade
x1 HCS general purpose blade
x1 Diamond blade
x1 Carry case
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  1. Avatar
    Anyone with personal experience of this tool?
    I have one, and plenty of other Worx products ... wouldn't bother with this one ..
    The motor isn't powerful enough ... save your money and don't get one !
  2. Avatar
    I'm a fan of worx products, and have one of these saws .. its not powerful enough, struggles to cut anything resulting in "kicking back" when it gets stuck in work, due to lack of power .. save your money and "pass" on this one ... get a decent circular saw instead ...
    yep I agree same issue it was one of the first worx tools I have. I have loads but this one isnt so good
  3. Avatar
    I have one rubbish , blade used to flex
  4. Avatar
    very tempting… can this tool cut timber for common rafters and bricks for lead flashing please?
    It's not really suitable for anything thicker than ply (struggles with OSB and especially not suited for dense chipboard or mdf)... the motor lacks power and due to the lack of blade depth it can't cut anything with depth...
  5. Avatar
    Literally no power in these. Don’t know who they try to kid with the diamond tipped blade. Will go through thin wood and that’s about it

    iv used fair few work things generally lacking power

    the jawsaw is decent as are some of their better hammer drills with the 4ah batteries

    this worxsaw
    the hedgetrimmer
    the battery lawnmower
    All have very limited use. Fine in a tiny garden and for cutting hardboard, but not fit for what they claim to be able to do
    Totally agree ... I've a number of worx products, but this one is a big let-down ! ... better to get a circular saw ..
  6. Avatar
    Does this have a laser light for cutting guide?
    Wx427 is what you want for that; £60 from the same seller.
    More powerful motor too (710W)
  7. Avatar
    Got one of these a couple of years ago Very good but just one thing it has never ever been a hundred and 20 quid
  8. Avatar
    This is a great little saw - little being the operative word. It's small and light making it ideal for detail work. The blades are thin and used correctly, stay sharp for ages. Most people I've seen use these use them with little mechanical sympathy so criticise them for being under powered but it's easily man enough to cut through it's maximum depth on the toughest of materials. I've got this one and the cordless version which I got on misprice.
  9. Avatar
    If you know what your doing and use it for what it’s designed for its a brilliant tool. Had a corded one and now a have battery one. Bought one of these to pass on.
  10. Avatar
    bargain with discs too
    Ordered first, feedback a bit later )
  11. Avatar
    I don't need anything at the moment cut circular,but you never know
  12. Avatar
    Thanks this is a great price
    Very welcome
  13. Avatar
    Just ordered it. Thinking to do a bit a diy in a loft area, good shout
  14. Avatar
    Couldn't resist at that price Thanks OP, good spot.
    Very welcome
  15. Avatar
    Shame it's wired
    If this was cordless and included a battery it would undoubtedly be a misprice
  16. Avatar
    Great price, I paid £59.99 for the same saw and thought that was a good price (edited)
    There are some Amazon reviews about the blades being thin and not cutting in straight lines once hot…have you experienced this?
  17. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
    Very welcome
  18. Avatar
    Isn't the original price pulled up intentionally to make it looks a great deal? I don't believe it was ever worth £119.99.
    If you read the OP there's a link for this at £100.40 dispatched and sold by Amazon currently.

    And according to the camels it's been as high as £110 on there so it's hardly a fantasy price.

    Ps I've amended next best price to the Amazon one. Still 60% cheaper (edited)
  19. Avatar
    I've literally just ordered this off Argos for £85
    Can you cancel it/send it back?
  20. Avatar
    Thanks just ordered. Borrowed a similar one of these of the same make to do some woodwork in the loft and it was an asset! Well worth £40!
    Very welcome
  21. Avatar
    I’ve had one for a while and rarely comes out it’s box. Recently lifted a bedroom floor to insulate under and it did a great job at cross cutting. Yes it only has a small blade but the cut accuracy was very good as long as you don’t rush the tool
  22. Avatar
    Considering I have a chop saw, plunge saw, multi tool and jigsaw, do I also need this?
  23. Avatar
    Superb price. I've just got the cordless version but the discs are worth £40
  24. Avatar
    Is this good enough to cut through granite with the diamond disc?
    Would be lucky to scratch the granite with it

    would be funny to watch someone try
  25. Avatar
    Hi are these any good at chasing channels in walls
  26. Avatar
    My brother bought this years ago and I currently have it and used it for cutting laminate floors and kitchen panels. The wood cutting blade is still cutting smooth like butter and is very clean and accurate.

    The only time I messed up cuts with this was when I would rush a long cut free hand without using the guide as you need to set up a parallel timber piece so the metal guide can slide alongside it but I found it laborious to set that up. For long cuts it is worthwhile to use the guide though.

    Really recommend this tool for basic diy like laminate flooring and kitchen work, especially at this price its a no brainer. (edited)
  27. Avatar
    I have this. it's very very weak.might be ok for plaster board but why would you. no good for wood floors which I bought it for.only paid 30
  28. Avatar
    I've had the older WX429 model for about 5 years and it looks the same as this, except this is 500w instead of 400w.

    I've no idea what some of you are doing with yours but I've frequently cut everything from OSB/ply to 2x4 and it's gets through it no problem at all. (edited)