Worx WX675 Sonicrafter Hyperlock Universal Multi Tool - 250W £49.99 @ Argos

Worx WX675 Sonicrafter Hyperlock Universal Multi Tool - 250W £49.99 @ Argos

Found 6th Dec 2014
Following my previous post about the Worx hammer drill, found also this Worx multi tool at half price offer..there is a better Worx model at 75 pounds looks a little more pro, but I think this one is better value for money...dont forget if you order and the drill, like I did, you get a 10 pound voucher..
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these are very handy tools....

i have a worx jigsaw and its well spec and good quality (for light DIY)
I just returned the Worx 680 I bought last week to Argos. Used it for sanding for a total of about 45 mins on and off, and the velcro attachment was ruined. Sanding pads just fell off. Have had a Black and Decker mouse sander for 18 months, which does a lot of work, and I still have to pull quite hard to remove the pads. So if you plan on doing a lot of sanding, you might want to think twice about this. Decent price, nonetheless.
From my experience if you use one of these cheaper multi tools for cutting wood for anything longer than a few minutes then you will feel a lot of tingling in your fingers which can cause harm if it happens on a regular basis, better off spending around £100 and getting a makita or one of the other bigger brands as they dampen out the vibrations a lot better. But if you are not going to use it this way then i you will be fine
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