Worzel Gummidge: Complete Series 2 /Christmas Special - Cup O' Tea An' A Slice O' Cake DVDs £2.49 each + Free Delivery @ Listen2Online

Worzel Gummidge: Complete Series 2 /Christmas Special - Cup O' Tea An' A Slice O' Cake DVDs £2.49 each + Free Delivery @ Listen2Online

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Worzel Gummidge: Complete Series 2
Worzel and the Saucy Nancy: Worzel stows away on the village coach outing to the seaside, and while he is there he meets the saucy Nancy. Nancy says that she saw Aunt Sally floating in the sea. Unknown to them, Aunt Sally has been rescued by a fairground operator... Also features: Worzel's Nephew, A Fishy Tale, The Trial of Worzel Gummidge, Very Good Worzel, Worzel in the Limelight, Fire Drill and, The Scarecrow Wedding.

Christmas Special - Cup O' Tea An' A Slice O' Cake
Worzel is back, putting the "Wor" after W as well as he ever used to do. This time, he appears in a Christmas special, A Cup O' Tea An' a Slice O' Cake, where he puts on his party head and heads off to the Scarecrow ball. As always with Worzel, nothing goes to plan and chaos and confusion follow him wherever he goes. For those who remember John Pertwee as scatty Worzel, and Una Stubbs as the irrepressible Aunt Sally the first time around, buying this for their children is an easy excuse for a trip down memory lane. Guest appearances from a younger but equally distinctive Barbara Windsor, and a fresher but just as funny Billy Connolly add up to make almost an hour of first-class entertainment


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Worzel Gummidge

Classic stuff

God, this bunch always gave me the creeps! Bloody weirdo's!

A good deal tho!

My 8 YO boy got into this a couple of years ago. He absolutely loves it. There's still plenty of life left in in yet and if you're kids haven't seen it yet, and I'd imagine that most of them haven't, then I'd seriously recomend you picking it up at this price. Excellent.

Jon Pertwee was great as Worzel.
Wasn't it on Saturday afternoons on ITV ?



Jon Pertwee was great as Worzel.Wasn't it on Saturday afternoons on ITV ?

Sunday, their bringing Worzel back in an updated series called "Worzel Gummidge a life in straw" "ITV have followed Worzel around for the last 6 months recording the day to day life of a scarecrow, thrill as with just a pack of Benson & Hedges and a match drunken Worzel totally destroys his haystack, laugh When Aunt Sally Popovich tries her hand at cleaning windscreens at her local set of traffic lights! and cry as Worzel is made redundant and with only as much straw as he can carry Worzel and Aunt Sally set up as drug traffickers.

im not sure if this is the one on th site as it dont say s2 it just says xmas ep??

Got these from choices once when they had a clear out, got them for £1 each :-D
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